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LaserSource Cables – made from quality wire with solid metal housings

LaserSource Cables

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LaserSource Cables

  • 2 m length
  • 3, 4 (8), 20, and 40 Amp
  • Connector or pigtailed


Arroyo’s LaserSource cables are made from quality wire and feature solid metal housings for excellent electrical contact and long service life. All cables have a standard DB-9 male or 9W4 male connector on the instrument end and either a corresponding female connector or bare wires (pigtailed) on the fixture end.

The 1220B/1221B cables are good for applications up to 4A (8A with 4300 Series). They also feature twisted pair cable for good modulation performance.

For applications above 8A, the 1228-20/1229-20 LaserSource Cables feature heavier gauge wire suitable for 20A operation. Note that these cables only carry the LD+ and LD- signals. The remote voltage sense, photodiode, and interlock signals are carried on the signal/interlock connector. Use the 1228-S/1229-S cables to connect your photodiode or remote voltage sense signals.

Model Rating Length Conn A Conn B Special Features
1220B 4A (8A) 2 m DB-9M DB-9F Twisted Pair
1221B 4A (8A) 2 m DB-9M Pigtail Twisted Pair
1224A 3A 2 m DB-9M TO Socket Type A: LDA / PDC Common
1224B 3A 2 m DB-9M TO Socket Type B: LDC / PDC Common
1224C 3A 2 m DB-9M TO Socket Type C: LDC / PDA Common
1228C 20A 2 m 9W4M 9W4F LD connection only
1229C 20A 2 m 9W4M Pigtail LD connection only
1230 20A 2 m 13W3 13W3
1231 20A 2 m 13W3 Pigtail
1232 40A 2 m 13W3 13W3
1233 40A 2 m 13W3 Pigtail
1220B Cable Datasheet
1221B Cable Datasheet
1224A Cable Datasheet
1224B Cable Datasheet
1224C Cable Datasheet
1228C Cable Datasheet
1229C Cable Datasheet
123x Cables Datasheet

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LaserSource Cables

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