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High performance, hard-coated optical filters for fluorescence.
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These optical filters for fluorescence microscopy are hard coated, with a patented construction that gives superior performance. Steeper edges, precise wavelength accuracy and optimised blocking give better contrast and faster measurements, even at UV wavelengths. These filters do not burn out and can be handled and cleaned safely. Their simple structure and hard coating makes them virtually impervious to humidity and temperature induced degradation.

If you’re looking for filters to use with a particular fluorophore, you can find compatible filter sets from the listings shown here.

Consider making use of Semrock’s free, online spectral plotting and analysis tool, SearchLight. This allows fluorescence microscope users and optical instrument designers to model and evaluate the spectral performance of fluorophores, filter sets, light sources, and detectors as components of an overall system.

If you can’t find a filter within our standard range to meet your requirements, please complete our custom filters form. We will work with Semrock to produce a filter to meet the needs of your application.

All standard filters have a 10-year warranty. The 30-day free trial period allows you to try before you buy, and ensure that the filter set meets your needs.

Individual Filters

Laser 2000 offers a wide selection of individual bandpass filters and beamsplitters which may be combined for non-standard applications.

World-class manufacturing and advanced metrology ensure consistent, batch-to-batch performance that always meets specifications.

All Microscopy Filters

Select from the full range of individual Semrock filters, according to your required parameters.

Bandpass Filters

This range of high-performance, high reliability individual fluorescence bandpass filters are optimised for use in a variety of fluorescence instruments. These durable single-band and multi-band bandpass filters are hard-coated, for no burn-out performance. Most of these filters are housed in a standard 25mm round black-anodised aluminium ring with a thickness as indicated and a clear aperture of at least 21mm. Unmounted parts have part numbers that end with “-D”.

Edge Filters

These long and short pass single-edge filters are optimised for use in a variety of fluorescence instruments. Each filter is hard-coated for no burn-out performance. The filters give the highest transmission, deepest blocking and sharpest of edge transitions to allow you to see more of your image, reveal more detail, maximise your productivity with faster image capture and preserve your data with reduced sample bleaching.

Notch Filters

These deep notch filters rival the performance of holographic notch filters but are in a less expensive, more convenient and reliable thin-film filter format. Notch filters are ideal for applications including Raman spectroscopy, laser based fluorescence instruments, and biomedical laser systems. The filters have a high damage threshold and proven reliability. Rejected light is reflected, for easy alignment and best stray-light control. The StopLine E-grade notch filter offers high transmission over ultra-wide passbands (UV to 1600nm). The deep laser-line blocking (OD>6) gives maximum laser rejection.

Dichroic Beamsplitter Filters

Single edge and multi-edge dichroic beamsplitters are polarisation insensitive and are for use at 45°. These beamsplitters exhibit steep edges with very high and flat reflection and transmission bands. More complete reflection and transmission mean less stray light for lower background and improved signal-to-noise ratio. These filters are optimised for fluorescence microscopes and instrumentation. They are also suitable for a variety of other applications that require beam combining and separation based on wavelength. These dichroics utilise high optical quality, ultra-low-auto-fluorescence substrates. The filters are excellent for epifluorescence.

LaserMUX Filters

LaserMUX™ filters efficiently combine or separate multiple laser beams at a 45° angle of incidence. These dichroic laser beam combiners are optimised to multiplex (MUX) popular laser lines, and can also be used in reverse to demultiplex (DEMUX). The ultra-low autofluorescence filters are ideally suited for OEM multi-laser fluorescence imaging and measurement applications including laser microscopy and flow cytometry, as well as for myriad end-user applications in a laboratory environment.

Laser Cleanup Filters

MaxLine narrow laser-line clean-up filters have an extremely high transmission, exceeding 90% at the laser line, while rapidly rolling off to an optical density of OD >5 at wavelengths differing by just 1% from the laser wavelength. This drops to OD > 6 at wavelengths only 1.5% away from the laser wavelength. MaxDiode laser diode clean-up filters keep the desirable laser light while eliminating the noise. The square low-ripple passband gives total consistency as the laser ages, over temperature, and when replacing a laser. Transmission exceeds 90% over each diode’s possible laser wavelengths. Extremely steep edges transition to very high blocking to filter out undesired out-of-band noise.

Multiphoton Filters

These multiphoton ultra-high performance fluorescence filters serve a full range of applications. They accommodate the wide range of fluorescent dyes that are the essential tools of the modern researcher. The transmission bands of the emitters are so wide that they appear clear at normal incidence. The long wave pass dichroic reflection bands are so wide that they look like mirrors when viewed at 45°. These filters virtually eliminate excitation laser noise at the detector. To reduce undesired fluorescence noise outside a desired band, simply add a bandpass filter.

Tunable Filters

Semrock has developed a revolutionary new optical filter technology: thin-film filters that are tunable over a wide range of wavelengths by adjusting the angle of incidence with essentially no change in spectral performance. Both edge filters and bandpass filters with wide tunability are possible.

Filter Sets & Cubes

We offer a wide selection of filter sets optimised for the most popular fluorophores, and fluorescence microscopes and imaging systems. High transmission, steeper edges, precise wavelength accuracy and carefully optimised blocking mean better contrast and faster measurements.

World-class manufacturing and advanced metrology ensure consistent, batch-to-batch performance that always meets specifications.

All Microscopy Filter Sets

Select from the full range of Semrock filter sets, according to your required parameters.

Single-Band Microscopy Sets

We stock a wide selection of filter sets optimised for the most popular fluorophores, fluorescence microscopes, and imaging systems. High transmission, steeper edges, precise wavelength accuracy and carefully optimised blocking mean better contrast and faster measurements.

Whether you need the brightest filters available, or the most contrast, these high-performance sets meet all your needs.

Full Multiband Sets

The “full multiband” filter set configuration uses multiband filters for the exciter, emitter, and dichroic beamsplitter. The multiband set is ideal for direct visualisation, such as locating areas of interest on a sample. This approach to simultaneous multi-colour imaging is quick and easy to implement, and is compatible with all standard fluorescence microscopes.

Pinkel Multiband Sets

The “Pinkel” filter set configuration uses single-band exciters in a filter wheel with multiband emitter and dichroic filters. It offers an economical way to achieve very high-speed, high-contrast, simultaneous multi-colour fluorescence imaging.

Sedat Multiband Sets

The “Sedat” filter set configuration uses single-band exciters and single-band emitters in synchronised filter wheels, with a multi-band dichroic beamsplitter. This approach provides the best image fidelity for high-speed simultaneous multi-colour fluorescence imaging.

Cubes & Holders

Microscope cubes are available for use with Semrock fluorescence filters. Filter sets are shipped mounted in your chosen microscope cube when ordered together. If you are ordering additional filters and sets along with microscope filter cubes, please specify which of the filters should be mounted.

Microscope cubes are available for Aperio, Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss and Leica microscopes; please see the description for compatible microscope models.


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