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Laser Safety for High Power Blue Lasers

Laser safety is one of our top priorities and is vital for every component we provide. With the latest advancements in laser technology also arises the advancements in laser safety, new high powered laser like the NUBURU blue laser requires a laser safety window with a larger range of protection. Thus introducing the P1P16 window with a gold-coloured, absorbent plastic, scratch-resistant coating and a thickness of 6mm.
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Written by our laser safety expert, this blog laser safety windows suitable for high power blue lasers.

In an ever growing market of electronic cars and the need for high power blue lasers for battery foil welding, laservision have a perfect window to protect you from these powerful lasers used in production.

Their P1P16 window is a gold-coloured, absorbent plastic with a scratch-resistant coating and a thickness of 6mm. The laser protection is based on absorption of the laser radiation in the material itself. The window has a daylight transmission of about 47% and has a very good visual brightness and colour view.

The laser protection window P1P16 is certified according to the current EN 60825-4 and has protection limit irradiation (SGB) for 105s (test class T2): 10200W / m². This corresponds, e.g. 200 W at 50mm beam diameter. The window offers OD10+ between 180nm to 460nm and 880nm to 1070nm. Making it suitable for both high power blue, UV and fibre lasers. The laser safety window is available up to a size of 3000 x 1200 mm. 

Laser 2000 also work with Nuburu, the first company to bring High Power Blue Lasers to the market. Their lasers offer the best brightness on the market, making them more efficient and suitable for thin film welding applications.

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