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Laser 2000 offers a range of various microscope systems.
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Laser 2000 offers a range of microscope systems.

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Fluorescence Microscopes

PicoQuant offers different solutions for time-resolved confocal microscopy. The available systems include single molecule sensitive microscopes with picosecond temporal resolution and super-resolution imaging capabilities as well as upgrade kits for laser scanning microscopes of all major manufacturers that enable time-resolved applications.

Inverted Modular Motorised Microscope Platform

We offer Zaber’s MVR motorized inverted microscope platform which is designed to lower the barriers to automated microscopy. Combining Zaber precision motion control and world-class optics, the MVR microscope platform deliver unparalleled performance and value.

Confocal Microscopes

The RCM rescan super-resolution confocal microscope can be used to achieve image resolution higher than that imposed by the diffraction limit. It is available for both visible wavelengths and NIR wavelengths and offers scanning speeds of up to 4 frames per second. Lateral resolution for the visible is 170 nm and 240 nm for the NIR.

With 25 fps scan speed, the NL5 system allows you to study fast cell dynamics and perform 4D imaging in optimised conditions. The use of low laser powers facilitates long term live-cell imaging such as mouse embryos, zebrafish, and organoids.

QCL-IR Wide-field Microscope

Laser 2000 works in partnership with DRS Saylight Solutions to offer the best IR hyperspectral imaging microscopes.

Fast hyperspectral scan speeds (>7 M spectral points per second) allow live video-rate IR imaging which enables the visualisation of the distribution of compounds or crystallisation processes. With easy-to-use ChemVision software included, multiple file formats are available which integrate into standard chemometric software packages.


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For over 30 years, Laser 2000 has supplied fibre optic equipment and worked with global partners like VIAVI Solutions, US Conec and INNO Instrument.

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