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We are a value added reseller, helping customers achieve their goals through the application of photonics.

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Photonics has the power to radically transform society

Laser 2000 delights in helping our customers achieve their goals through the application of photonics.
Our highly skilled staff and partners are hungry to learn, but more importantly eager to share the knowledge accumulated by working with customers in many markets.

For some examples please see below:

Sentinel-5 precursor flying Tropomi, Credit: ESA

Tackling Climate Change

Nanoplus lasers were onboard the Curiosity Mars Rover in 2012 and on the TROPOMI satellite in 2017. TROPOMI measures pollutants and greenhouse gases, tropospheric O3 and CH4.
Laser 2000 Photonics – Fighting Cancer

Fighting Cancer

IR-Hyperspectral Microscope allows label-free digital pathology, improving medical diagnostics workflow. Advances in machine learning & AI image analysis enable automatic tissue image analytics.
Laser 2000 Photonics – Accurate Measurement

Accurate Measurement

Laser Imaging, Detection, and Ranging (LIDAR) is an investigative optical technique for measuring the velocity, location, or chemical concentration of a target.

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