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Our team of highly skilled professionals are here to help you find the right solution for your application.
Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Our team of highly skilled photonics professionals are here to help

Even if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for on our website,  we can probably still find a solution to meet your requirements. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements with one of our experts.


Lisa Thomson


Field Sales Engineer

I have been with Laser 2000 since 2003, and am part of our Photonics Sales team, working with Industry and Research customers in the Midlands.

I have a degree in Optoelectronics & Laser Engineering from Heriot Watt University. I am also Laser 2000 UK’s Compliance Manager and look after our accreditations. 

In my free time, I enjoy dancing, baking, and spending time with family.

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Paul Williams


Field Sales Engineer

I joined Laser 2000 in July 2013. I currently lead the technical sales team, working alongside our field sales engineers, account managers, and suppliers to provide technical expertise and find new and exciting technology to meet our customer’s needs. I am also product manager for the Zaber motion control range.

I completed my PhD in Ultra-Low temperature physics at Lancaster University, where I also obtained my MPhys. I studied the energy properties of quantum turbulence in superfluid Helium-3B. My work was carried out at temperatures below 100 microkelvin.

Siân Brooks

BSc (Hons)

Territory Sales Manager – Photonics – Southwest

I’m Sian. I joined Laser 2000 in 2012 after graduating from Swansea University with a Physics degree. I started in internal sales, supporting the industrial customer base, then progressed to field sales and product management in the same sector.

I am now a senior territory sales and key account manager servicing customers in the Southwest of Wales and England.

In my spare time, I love to be creative, and enjoy going for long walks, identifying flora and fauna, and visiting friends and family far and wide.

Louis Chawner

BSc (Hons)

Account Manager

I studied Applied Physics at Napier University, graduating in the summer of 2000, joining Laser 2000 in January 2001.

I look after some of our university and government research labs, as well as our industrial customers in microscopy and spectroscopy.

In my free time I am a keen home brewer. I am a beer and fitness enthusiast, and believe that they balance each other out. I also spend a lot of time writing and performing in various performing arts.

Karen McGeachy West

MPhys (Hons)

Senior Microscopy Sales Specialist

I’m Karen. My background is in Astrophysics and since joining Laser 2000 in 2013, I have taken a keen interest in Microscopy.

My current role is Senior Microscopy Sales Specialist in the Technical Team, working with Industry and Research customers in the microscopy fields.

In my free time, I enjoy hiking and going on adventures, and am about to partake in my biggest one yet as a first-time parent.

I will be away on maternity leave from the 1st June 2024.

Toby Scrivener

MPhys (Hons)

Team Leader – Photonics

I’m Toby, I did my Masters project around subatomic particles and graduated in 2013 from Swansea University. I joined the Laser 2000 team shortly afterwards.

I look after all customers in the East of England, and lead a team within our photonics division.

In my free time, I enjoy running, cycling and swimming as well as board games and RPGs.

Shannon O’Connor

BSc (Hons)

Territory Sales Manager – Photonics

I’m Shannon. My background is in Chemistry, focussing on Materials Chemistry and Catalysis.

I graduated from the University of Southampton in 2018 and joined Laser 2000 that same year. In my current role as Territory Sales Manager, I support our customers, including research institutes and system manufacturers, based in London and Ireland with their photonics needs in a range of fields such as microscopy and quantum applications.

Outside of work, I lead an active lifestyle, enjoy reading and love spending time with my family and friends.

Joshua Seagrave

MPhys (Hons)

Field Sales Engineer

Following my bachelor’s degree, I completed a master’s degree in astrophysics and spacecraft instrumentation where I used microscopy and LIDAR to study the top 30 km of Mercury’s surface for future ESA missions.

I joined Laser 2000 in 2021, and in my current role as Field Sales Engineer, I support research institute’s and manufacturers of high end photonic products.

In my free time I enjoy rowing at international level, representing my local club as their club captain. I am training for races around the UK including Head of the River on the Thames and Henley Royal Regatta.

Paul Scullion
Paul Scullion


Territory Sales Manager – Scotland/NW England 

I joined Laser 2000 in 2024 and my background is in field service and technical sales having worked for many years as a laser manufacturing engineer, field service engineer, and then as a technical sales engineer within the UK Photonics industry. 

I have a degree in Laser Physics from Strathclyde University and a Masters in Acoustics from Edinburgh University. 

In my current role I am responsible for looking after all academic and industrial customers within Scotland and NW England and enjoy learning about customers’ unique applications and how our cutting-edge solutions help to solve their problems. I am also responsible for developing new business opportunities with existing and new customers. 

In my spare time I enjoy travelling, hiking, baking, and spending time with my family. 

Becca Lowe
Becca Lowe

MSci (Hons)

Internal Sales Engineer

I’m Becca, a zoology graduate from the University of Nottingham.

I’ve got a knack for understanding spiders and love helping out with Semrock or any other photonics questions you might have.

I love nothing more than learning about new applications, let’s chat and figure out what works best for you!

Levi Terry
Levi Terry

BSc (Hons)

Internal Sales Engineer

I’m Levi, a biology graduate from the University of Lincoln.

I’ve worked extensively in COVID testing across labs and hospitals, refining technical skills, and developing a keen interest in healthcare technology. Now in photonics sales at Laser 2000 UK, aiming to support advancements in healthcare and scientific research. Let’s discuss how Laser 2000 UK can push scientific boundaries.

Nils Haggett-King
Nils Haggett-King

BSc (Hons)

Internal Sales Engineer

I’m Nils, a biology graduate from the University of Lincoln with a keen interest in photonics.

With imaging expertise, I’m here to assist with all your Semrock and photonics needs. My commitment lies in your success—I thrive on exploring fresh applications and research. Let’s collaborate to unlock photonics’ full potential for your endeavours.