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We offer high performance cameras that can perform fluorescence imaging, astronomy, electrophoresis, X-ray and hyperspectral imaging.
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We provide many high-performance cameras enabling high-quality imaging which maintain a good balance of low readout noise, low dark current, and high quantum efficiency at the optimum level. Provided by our supplier Hamamatsu Photonics.

By pursuing the three elements required for high-quality imaging, they have obtained extensive knowledge of producing our unique and high specification cameras, from sensor development to circuit design.

The back-thinned type sensor adopted by Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. eliminates the photon absorption (loss) by electrodes and realises a high quantum efficiency of 98 %. Light collection efficiency per pixel is also improved by the on-chip microlens embedded in the back-thinned type sensor.

CMOS cameras deliver extremely low readout noise at 0.27 electrons. TDI cameras turn linear movement of the sample into an advantage by coordinating signal accumulation in the sensor with sample movement. These cameras are also well-suited for low-light scanning applications that are too dim to for a line scan sensor.

Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) sensors utilise a technology where each horizontal line is read by the on-chip column amplifier in parallel in order to lower the amplifier’s band and keep the readout noise low. To ensure lower readout noise for the cameras, the circuit must be designed in a way to optimise performance. CMOS cameras deliver extremely low readout noise at 0.8 electrons.

InGaAs cameras bridge the gap between NIR wavelengths in the 400-1700 nm range, where silicon detectors are no longer sensitive.


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For over 30 years, Laser 2000 has supplied fibre optic equipment and worked with global partners like VIAVI Solutions, US Conec and INNO Instrument.

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