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Optical Receivers

From single photon detection modules to fibre pigtail photodiodes, explore the large range of optical receivers from Laser 2000.
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The standard optical receiver is a photodiode that converts optical power into electrical current. Although carefully designed PIN photodiodes are inherently linear at the required optical power levels, the coupling of the detector to a preamplifier is a balance between noise and distortion.

Laser 2000 suppliers a broad range of optical receivers from 5 different suppliers (Artifex Engineering, Daylight Solutions, Terahertz Technologies, Micro Photon Devices and Electro-Optics Technology).

Amplified & biased photodetectors use three varying detector materials ( silicon, InGaAs and GaAs) to provide varying wavelength ranges and detection frequencies.

We supply a series of photodiodes and photodiode amplifiers, each providing its own wavelength ranges, noise currents and bandwidths.

Laser 2000 also supplies a large range of single-photon detectors and optical to electrical converters. These products vary with active areas and detections grades. They are also fully integrated with embedded detectors for great spectral response in the 4-12µm range.

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Photon Counting

We offer a large range of photon-counting devices including SPAD and PMA Hybrid series which provide extremely low timing resolution and high detection efficiencies. Perfect for many applications like Fluorescence Microscopy and much more…

TCSPC and Time Tagging Electronics

We offer several modules for Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC), Multi-Channel Scaling (MCS), coincidence correlations, or event timing with temporal resolutions between picoseconds and milliseconds.

Photodiodes & Amplifiers

We offer a broad range of photodiodes including fibre pigtail photodiodes, gated integrated photodiodes amplifiers and transimpedance photodiode amplifiers. Each containing there own wavelength ranges, noise current, rise time and bandwidth.

Detectors & Converters

We offer a wide range of detectors and converters for single-photon detection and optical to electrical conversions. The photon-counting detectors vary with active areas (20µm – 100µm) and grades (A-F). The optical to electrical converters contains varying bandwidths and output connectors and the MCT detectors are fully integrated receivers with an embedded detector, spectral response of 4 – 12 µm and responsivity of 2500V/W.

Integrating Spheres

We offer integrating spheres made from a special polymer suitable for the wavelength range 250nm – 2.5 µm. For longer wavelengths in the range 700nm – 20 µm, a gold coating on a rough, metallic surface is used. Our polymer integrating spheres are machined from solid material – not coated. The robust devices are perfect for measuring laser power in the visible to NIR.We offer a wide range of sizes from 10mm to 100mm.


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For over 30 years, Laser 2000 has supplied fibre optic equipment and worked with global partners like VIAVI Solutions, US Conec and INNO Instrument.

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