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Laser 2000 offers the Zaber range of rotary stages, which combine great precision and accuracy with simple ease of use.
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Laser 2000 has a wide range of rotary based stages, provided by Zaber. From full rotation stages, goniometers to optical mirror mounts, Zaber has a stage that will suit any motorised rotation requirement. With the options for a direct encoder to detect the angle of rotation, or a motor encoder to protect against slip or stall, the Zaber stages offer fantastic accuracy and repeatability. Combining stages into complex systems like gimbals is made even simpler due to Zaber’s built-in controllers, which allow up to 99 devices to be daisy chained together, all sharing the same data connection from a single serial or USB connection. The rotary stages are a great match for many applications, from antenna characterisation, to virtual-reality for optogenetics.


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For over 30 years, Laser 2000 has supplied fibre optic equipment and worked with global partners like VIAVI Solutions, US Conec and INNO Instrument.

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