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New Laser Safety PPE Regulations

Are you using laser safety glasses or goggles which are more than two years old?
If so, they may need checking or replacing.
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Does your old eyewear need checking or replacing?

Since the final deadline for adoption of EU regulation 216/425 passed in April, all manufacturers must now adhere to the new rules, and if you have laser safety eyewear dating from before 2018 it is important that you ensure it is still safe to use.

This personal protective equipment (PPE) regulation ensures that you have the best protection when using lasers. The materials used for glasses and goggles can degrade like any other, especially if used often, exposed to sunlight, or mishandled, and therefore may have a limited lifetime. To keep track of this lifetime, every set of eyewear must now be marked with a manufacturing icon, including the date of manufacture.

Guide to storage and usage lifetimes.
Laser safety glasses or goggles which are stored and unused will have a long lifetime. In this situation, uvex laservision suggest that eyewear is returned for evaluation if kept in storage for more than six years, to ensure it is still in tip top condition. Stored eyewear should be kept in its original packaging, in a dark and dry location where it will not be subject to mechanical loads, and kept at a temperature not exceeding 25 °C, and at <70% relative humidity.

If used often, depending on intensity and frequency of use, and wear from external factors, uvex laservision suggest a lifetime of two years, at which point the eyewear should be sent back for inspection.

Are you using laser safety glasses or goggles which are more than two years old?

If so, please contact us to ensure they are still suitable for use.
We have a couple of options you could consider:

If you have uvex laservision glasses, Laser 2000 can have them checked by the manufacturer on your behalf, for a £80 evaluation fee.

If your old eyewear fails its evaluation, or if you would prefer a clean slate, with new, high quality, market leading glasses, we can offer an upgrade to new eyewear at 20% discounted price.

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