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Zaber Motorized Inverted Microscope Platform Review

Two of Zaber’s customers shared their experience of working with Zaber’s MVR Series motorized inverted microscope platform.
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Customer review of one of our leading supplier’s motorized inverted microscopes.

Introducing the Zaber MVR microscope platform, a motorized inverted microscope designed to lower the barrier to automated microscopy. Combining Zaber precision motion control and world-class optics, MVR microscopes deliver unparalleled performance and value. Its simple modular design allows for easy swapping of key modules such as illuminators, cameras, and even tube lenses. The system arrives fully compatible with µManager open-source microscopy and for applications requiring extended capabilities, we provide full access to all software-controlled microscope functions through the Zaber motion library API to allow for easy custom scripting.

Many customers have had positive reviews on the MVR. Two of Zaber’s recent customers Austin Blanco & Garrett Bunch have written a review going into great detail about the equipment and its software. Please find some summary points below or visit the full review.

Working with the MVR Series

“I really like this microscope. It has the feel of an industrial motion system adapted to an optical platform, which makes sense considering its pedigree. I can imagine that this would make an excellent choice for a plate scanning system, would do well coupled to an incubator, or would be a great fit for commercial clients working on automated analysis of a product, reagent, or similar project. The addition of an integrated autofocusing system using reflection would greatly expand the use of this scope into timelapse live-cell work, where its shape and design would be a great fit for an incubation enclosure.”

Zaber MVR Automated Invert Review
Austin Blanco & Garrett Bunch MVR Set-up

“Overall, the assembly and the initial testing of the microscope were simple and concise. The assembly is pretty easy for a person’s first time building a microscope. The directions were clear and provided great examples of what to look for in terms of parts and what to do. The assembly itself wasn’t too hard as screws were accessible and easy to get to. It was also a little fun seeing the microscope work at the end of the assembly. The whole microscope was packaged in a pelican shipping case, so the parts were well protected. Directions were very concise and provided much detail aligned with picture guidance. The motor locks are very good, they never moved or slid in the slightest during assembly.  Cable management is fairly good, doesn’t get in the way of any moving parts at any time.”

-Garrett Bunch

Cable Management

“Customers who would do well with this microscope are those with some technical chops, who also don’t want to hand-build a microscope due to time constraints, or commercial customers who need a no-frills motorized microscope for scanning. As a company, Zaber has always provided great technical support and has a history of building precision motion systems at fair prices, so I would definitely recommend considering this system if you are in the market for an automated microscope.”

-Austin Blanco & Garrett Bunch

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