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Laser safety eye protection from laservision.
Available in a wide range of different frame styles and protection levels.
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Laser safety eyewear from Laser 2000 is available with a wide range of filters. All safety spectacles and goggles are CE certified and conform to EN207 safety ratings.

Please get in touch to request a quotation if you know your required safety rating and we will provide a quote for eyewear with suitable filters.

If you do not know the EN207 safety rating needed for your laser eyewear, Laser 2000 offers a Laser Safety Calculation Form for you to complete. We run your laser parameters through our laser safety hazard assessment software and provide you with an assessment of the necessary protection level needed, plus a quotation for the suitable filters.

The laser safety glasses come in a range of frame styles for you to choose from. High power lasers will usually require glass lensed frames. Please see our Guide to Frame Styles which outlines the main differences to help you choose the frame that best suits your working environment or personal preferences.

If you are unsure of the level of protection required for your laser, please complete our laser safety calculation form. Laser 2000 will calculate the required EN207 rating, free of charge.

Plastic Absorption Filters

For cost effective eyewear when using small to medium power levels special plastics with absorbing dyes are used as the filter material. In the case of a laser hit, most of the laser energy is converted into heat and for this reason thermal stability is important. As standard a scratch-proof coating is applied and for certain materials anti-fog, though small scratches do not effect safety.

Glass Absorption Filters

Glass filters are clearly superior to plastics, making them particularly suitable for use with continuous (cw) lasers of medium to high performance. Especially in the IR area, there are a number of powerful filters with very good color vision. IN the case of a direct hit by high energy laser, the glass may break very quickly, therefore most filters have enhanced splitner protection as standard.

Reflective Coatings

For the highest level of protection, interference filters can be combined with absorbing filters for an almost unlimited number of blocking combinations. Incident light at angles different from 90 deg will be completely reflected according to the required angular range of +/- 30° (according to norms EN207/208). As a large part of the protection effect is based on reflection every scratch on the coated surface must be avoided

Guide to Frame Styles

A guide to frame styles available for our laser safety eyewear.

As the EU standards EN207 and 208 consider the frame when determining the eyewear safety rating, not all Laservision frames are available with all filters. Ask for a quotation or use our laser safety calculation form to let us know the ratings you need to find out which frames are suitable for your laser.


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