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If you are unsure of the level of protection required for your laser, complete the form below.
Laser 2000 will calculate the required EN207 rating, free of charge.

Completing the form provides us with the information we need to calculate your EN207 rating.

We will return the results to you by email, along with a quotation for the appropriate safety eyewear.

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All laser safety calculations provided by Laser 2000 are conducted to the guidelines set out in the European standard. In preparing this information it must be stressed that Laser 2000 cannot accept any liability or responsibility for any laser safety issues or calculations as the date supplied by the customer may be inaccuarate and the method of usage of either the source or laser safety product may differ from that described. Your offical laser safety officer (LSO) should check all calculations and the buyer must satisfy themselves that the correct product specification and prices are met prior to purchasing.