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Motorised Linear & Vertical Stages

Laser 2000 offers the Zaber range of motorised linear & vertical stages, which combine great precision and accuracy with simple ease of use.
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Laser 2000 offers a wide range of motorised linear and vertical stages; all from Zaber. Each stage in this range, whether a screw-driven stepper-motor based stage, or a linear motor stage; offers great accuracy and repeatability, while the built-in controllers make setup quick and easy. The built-in controller allows up to 99 devices to be daisy chained together, all sharing the same data connection from a single serial or USB connection. With the option of either motor encoders, or full linear encoders we offer protection against slips and stalls, with improved accuracy. Zaber offers a wide range of stages, with a size; form; or thrust that will fit most requirements. These stages are a great fit for many applications, from building custom motion control beds for machining, to manipulation of optical components & OEM integration into custom microscopy solutions.


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For over 30 years, Laser 2000 has supplied fibre optic equipment and worked with global partners like VIAVI Solutions, US Conec and INNO Instrument.

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Peter Collins

Peter Collins

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