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Magneto-Optical Trap Systems


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miniMOT V2 – achieve a live MOT within hours rather than months

miniMOT V2

  • Compact UHV system suitable for MOT production from a background vapour
  • Active and passive pumps to maintain vacuum quality over several years of operation
  • Integrated electronics for vacuum control, alkali atom pressure control, and to drive the miniMOT Coils
  • Touchscreen interface for seamless user control of system operation
  • Includes a thin-walled cell, but optimised AR-coated UHV glass cells are also available as a standard feature
  • Shipped under vacuum and ready for immediate use

Introducing the miniMOT V2, a unique, compact, off-the-shelf trapped atom vacuum system that enables users to effortlessly create and control quantum matter based on rubidium (Rb) or caesium (Cs) atoms.

With an intuitive user interface, the miniMOT V2 provides greater control over critical system parameters, increasing flexibility for cold atom experiments.

The miniMOT V2 eliminates the guesswork and hassle of setting up large and bulky vacuum equipment, allowing you to focus on designing your cold atom experiment or quantum application work to generate results faster.

Upgrade to the miniMOT V2 for an easy-to-use and efficient solution for your quantum matter needs.


miniMOT Package


  • miniMOT V2 and optics package to enable the production of a MOT
  • Pre-aligned for rapid deployment
  • Compact footprint for any laboratory benchtop
  • Get in touch to learn more about suitable laser options for your system

Introducing the miniMOT package, the ultimate solution for producing a compact and efficient magneto-optical trap (MOT). Our pre-assembled unit is easy to use and produces a live MOT within a few hours, saving both time and cost for even the most seasoned researchers. The package includes a 15”x18” aluminium breadboard with a periscope/beam-splitting/polarisation assembly, mirrors for easy trap alignment, and a small B&W CCD camera for MOT imaging. The miniMOT package is not only ideal for teaching laboratories to introduce students to lasers, optics, and quantum matter, but also for quantum information experiments.




  • Compact UHV chamber
  • Up to two independent active dispensers
  • Active and passive pumps to maintain vacuum
  • Easily configurable for specific applications
  • High atom flux and long trap lifetimes

Element Options

  • Rubidium
  • Caesium

Customisation Options

  • Thin-walled cell
  • AR-coated Borosilicate Glass or UVFS glass cell

Looking for a powerful and versatile neutral atom core? The doubleMOT is a self-contained, tabletop, ultrahigh vacuum system that makes it easy to cool and trap atoms, with applications ranging from fundamental quantum physics research to developing sensors and new quantum technologies.

The doubleMOT utilises a source cell to achieve a high atom number and a science cell to maintain an ultra-high vacuum with superior optical access. Shipped under a permanent vacuum, the doubleMOT is ready to be placed into an appropriate apparatus, such as the Physics Platform, making setup a breeze.

With its compact size and powerful capabilities, the doubleMOT is the perfect choice for researchers and innovators looking to explore the exciting world of neutral atom research.




  • Compact UHV chamber
  • Up to two independent, active dispensers
  • Active and passive pumps to maintain vacuum
  • Integrated atom chip allows for the trapping and easy manipulation of ultra-cold atoms
  • Easily reconfigurable for specific applications


  • Rubidium

Atom Chip

  • Standard
  • Window
  • Custom
  • Integrated optics

The RuBECi is a self-contained, tabletop, ultrahigh vacuum system for creating and manipulating ultra-cold atoms. It utilizes a two-cell vacuum system (a 2D+ MOT source cell and an ultra-high vacuum science cell compatible with long trap lifetimes). It features an atom chip for simple and rapid BEC production with a high-duty cycle and low power consumption. High numerical aperture imaging of trapped atoms in the chip potential is possible thanks to the atom chip’s integration into the science cell wall. The RuBECi is shipped under a permanent vacuum and ready to be used with an appropriate optics package, such as the Physics Platform.


Physics Platform


  • Optics package to complement the RuBECi® or doubleMOT systems
  • Highly flexible configuration
  • Includes optics and opto-mechanics for 2D(+) MOT, 3D MOT, optical pumping, and imaging
  • Pre-aligned for rapid deployment
  • FC/APC Fiber inputs

Wavelength Selection

  • 767 nm
  • 780 nm
  • 852 nm

The Physics Platform provides the foundation optics for experiments, including a 3D magneto-optical trap (MOT) fed by a 2D+ MOT. It also includes optics for optical pumping and imaging neutral and ultracold atoms in the science cell. It consists of two stages: 2D+ MOT hardware and a six-beam MOT stage to create a 3D MOT in the science cell. The Physics Platform provides the user with increased flexibility to modify and adapt the system.


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