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Guide to Frame Styles

Our laser safety eyewear is available in a variety of different frame styles.
Since the frame is considered as part of the safety rating not all frames can be used with all filters.
Laser Sfaety Eyewear Frame Styles
Frame Styles

Different frame styles for different requirements

This is a guide to frame styles available for our laser safety eyewear.

As the EU standards EN207 and 208 consider the frame when determining the eyewear safety rating, not all Laservision frames are available with all filters. Ask for a quotation or use our laser safety calculation form to let us know the ratings you need to find out which frames are suitable for your laser.


BACCARA laser safety glasses are very light and durable, with soft nose cushioning for comfort. The glasses fit snugly, with integrated extensions around the eyebrows and cheeks and malleable temple arms. The medium base curve (BC6) of the filter ensures a good field of view and a stylish design. The frame is available in black (F19) or white (F20).

  • Low weight with good fit
  • Curved filters give a large field of view
  • Cold malleable temples for individual fit
  • Soft nose pad for comfort
  • Suitable for coated or absorbing glass or plastic filters
  • Available with a black or white frame
F20 frame style laser safety eyewear


The DYNA GUARD is an innovative design that features “flex Technology” to give high comfort and mechanical stability. These lightweight laser safety glasses fit over most prescription glasses. The wavefront optimised uvex high-res shield filter gives high optical quality.

  • Distortion-free image quality
  • Available with flexible or conventional temples
  • Fits over prescription glasses
  • Extremely good field of view
  • Economical full plastic design available in absorbing plastic filters for many wavelength and wavelength combinations
F18 frame style laser safety eyewear


ALL STAR laser safety goggles offer very high protection levels, without losing comfort. The reinforced frame supports factory fitted welding flips for industrial laser welding or cutting applications, or binocular magnifiers for medical applications. The head support system, or head strap options help to maintain comfort when the goggles are worn for a long period.

  • Absorbing and reflecting glass and plastic flat filters up to 12mm thickness
  • Protection levels up to DI L8/R L9 315-1400nm
  • Shade-Flip and Binocular magnifier as factory option
  • Rx insert for prescription glasses
  • Adjustable temple arms as standard
  • Options include a Head strap, Head support system or temple set
  • external reinforcement available in blue
R17 frame style laser safety eyewear


This popular frame style has a wide field of view and gives a good fit. The angle and length of the temple arms adjust to fit any head shape. Soft ear pieces prevent painful pressure on the head. Model R02 is reinforced with an internal metal lamination for high protection levels.

  • Curved filters give a good field of view
  • Protection levels up to DIR L9 315-1400 nm
  • Available with absorbing and reflecting glass and plastic filters
  • Adjustable temple arms
  • Standard (F02) and reinforced version (R02)
  • Optional head strap, head support system or malleable temple arms
F02 / R02 frame style laser safety eyewear


The PROTECTOR laser safety goggle is comfortable worn with or without prescription glasses. A broad head strap and effective air ventilation make these goggles suitable for use over prescription glasses. The reinforced version (R14) has an internal metal lamination and provides very high protection.

  • Protection levels up to DIR L8 315-1400/ML10 (700-900 nm)
  • Absorbing and coated flat glass or custom filters
  • Broad, adjustable head strap
  • Standard (F14) and reinforced version (R14)
  • Fit over prescription glasses
  • Additional Anti-Fog insert as option
R14 frame style laser safety eyewear


The ECO is a spectacle style frame with high protection levels. Although the small design reduces the field of view compared to the ALL STAR or VISION frames, ECO glasses are lighter. The snap-in Rx insert allows you to fit prescription lenses from your optician into these goggles. A reinforced version provides high protection levels.

  • High protection levels, such as DI LB8/R LB9 315-1400nm/M LB10 (700-900 nm)
  • Absorbing and coated flat glass or custom filters
  • Multiple adjustable Duoflex temple arms
  • Standard (F01) and reinforced version (R01)
  • Head strap or malleable temple arms as option
  • Available with Rx insert for corrective glasses
F01 / R01 frame style laser safety eyewear


SPLIT SHIELD laser goggles have a large frame that fits easily over prescription glasses. The slightly curved filters give a very broad field of view. They have a lightweight and robust external reinforcement and the design of the frame protects the filters against scratches when placed face-down. The frame is suitable for both glass and plastic filters.

  • Curved filters for broad field of view
  • Plastic or glass filters
  • Adjustable temple arms
  • Head strap or malleable temple arms available as option
  • Lightweight external reinforcement
  • Fits over prescription glasses
R10 frame style laser safety eyewear


These plastic wrap-around frames are lightweight and comfortable. The modern, athletic styling fits most people and provides a very wide field of view. These light high-strength glasses are available with a wide variety of absorbing plastic filters.

  • Low weight with very good fit
  • Absorbing plastic filters for many wavelength and wavelength combinations
  • Suitable as a patient or child goggle in medical applications
  • Economical all plastic frame
F03 frame style laser safety eyewear


The SKYLINE is a plastic laser protection goggle that fits over prescription glasses. The lightweight, high-strength plastic frame makes these goggles both comfortable and durable.

  • Fits over nearly all corrective glasses
  • Absorbing plastic filters available for many wavelength and wavelength combinations
  • Very good field of vision
  • Low weight
  • Economical all plastic frame
F04 frame style laser safety eyewear


The F22 goggle with standard temples becomes F27 with the newly developed adapter. The laser safety magnifier is available for almost all wavelengths and applications within the medical range. laservision offers magnifiers with three different working distances and magnifications. The mangifier has achromatic optics for high-resolution pictures.

  • Light weight with a comfortable fitting
  • Wavefront optimized uvex hi-res shield
  • Available for almost all wavelength within the medical range
  • Different magnification steps
  • Achromatic optics for hi-res images
  • Suitable as goggle over prescription glasses
  • Combinable with Heine LED-Magnifiers as an option
  • Well-priced plastic frame
F27 Frame Style


This sporty laser and glare protection spectacle is made completely from plastics and is available with a variety of absorbing plastic filters. The single shield in base curve 9 (BC 9) ensures a very good perspective and a large field of view. A comfortable fit is ensured with soft, curved soft-flex bridge pieces. The soft ear pieces guarantee a safe, stable and pressure free fit. The adjustable side-arm flex zone ensures that the F29 will adapt to any head width.

  • Low weight with very good fit
  • Absorbing plastic filters for many wavelength and wavelength combinations
  • Flexible and adjustable temples with inclination
  • Very good field of view
  • Soft nose piece
  • High wearing comfort
F29 Frame Style


Complements F18 and F22 frame styles and features three major enhancements. The temple system features an innovative quick-change-system to make it easy to change the frame if necessary without tools and without risk of shield breakage. The folding temples consists of more resistant material and have significantly improved ergonomics and fit due to the cold-malleable temple tips.

  • Innovative quick-change system (Quick Release)
  • Disinfectable temples
  • Cold-formable temple tips with anti-slip
  • Fits over most up-to-date prescription glasses
  • For almost all laser absorbing plastic filters from laservision
F42 Frame Style

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