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Moku replaces multiple pieces of equipment with a single professional-grade device, at a fraction of the cost.
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We provide three lab hardware products from our supplier Liquid Instruments; The Moku:Go, Moku:Lab and Moku:Pro.

Moku:Go is a complete engineering lab solution for students to actively learn key concepts from circuits to senior design. Designed to be carried in a backpack, Moku:Go features 8 instruments and optional programmable power supplies. It eliminates the need for bulky benchtop instruments and empowers students to learn wherever they are. An intuitive user interface (UI) is included for Windows and Mac, and API support integrates with the rest of your curriculum. We’ve thought of everything to ensure students have a complete experience for four years and beyond.

Liquid Instruments’ Moku:Lab all-in-one device for professional test and measurement couples the signal processing power of an FPGA with high-speed analogue inputs and outputs to bring you a new level of flexibility in the lab. The Lab model can also be customised with modules to increase the capability of your base model. There are seven modules for the Moku:Lab.

Moku:Pro is the next generation of software-defined instrumentation, delivering both performance and flexibility. A powerful Xilinx Ultrascale+ FPGA is coupled with a high-bandwidth analogue front-end and robust networking and storage. Moku:Pro’s suite of software-defined instruments supports high-speed data acquisition, processing and visualisation, waveform generation, and real-time control applications. Proprietary hybrid front-end design performs frequency-dependent signal blending from multiple ADCs, delivering exceptional noise performance from acoustic to radio frequencies.

There are 13 varying instruments in the Moku Series, plus Multi-instrument Mode and Cloud Compile features, details of which are available in the Moku Instruments category below. For more information or guidance please contact our experts.


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