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Airborne X-Cavity Tunable Diode Laser

Explore the many applications of the Airborne X-cavity Tunable Diode Laser, from optical cooling to Bose-Einstein Condensation.
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Micro-Resonator Technology

Airborne X-Cavity Tunable Diode Laser Micro-Resonator Technology

The 2017 version of the »S1 Micro-Resonator Tunable X-Cavity Laser« was raised by the demanding requirements of airborne laser spectroscopy where DFB-Lasers simply reach their limits.

The X-Cavity laser without any moving parts is optimized for highest power, insensitivity against vibrations and a linewidth as low as 100 kHz. It is optimized for highly demanding applications such as Optical Cooling and Trapping, Bose-Einstein Condensation and Quantum Computing under »non-laboratory« conditions. Most relevant wavelength for Strontium Clocks are now available.

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