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TIA Series

There are 11 variations in the TIA series, each with varying bandwidth. For more information download the datasheets for your desired product and contact our experts.

The TIA-525, 527 and 952 series of Optical to Electrical Converters have BNC outputs for direct connection to your oscilloscope, digitiser or other readout device. The TIA-1200, 2000, 3000, and 4000 use a type K SMA female output connector.

Free space options are available. Patch cords and adapters can be supplied to mate with various fibre optic connectors. The TIA-525 and 527 O/E Converters have dual power capability, battery and external universal power supply.


  • Large Area InGaAs detector
  • DC to 14GHz Bandwidth
  • 900-1700nm
  • Universal Power Supply
  • Capability to drive 50 Ohm output loads


  • General laboratory testing of optical components
  • Field Service Testing and Troubleshooting
  • Laser alignment and tuning
  • Plasma physics measurements
TIA-1200 Datasheet
TIA-2000 Datasheet
TIA-3000 Datasheet
TIA-4000 Datasheet
TIA-525 Datasheet
TIA-527 Datasheet
TIA-952 Datasheet

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