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Spectrum Analyser


Available on Moku:Go, Moku:Lab, and Moku:Pro hardware

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Spectrum Analyser

The Spectrum Analyser allows you to observe input signals in the frequency domain, it takes a voltage that varies in time and splits it into its constituent sine waves highlighting the predominant frequencies.

Below is the Spectrum Analyser’s user interface showcasing some of the key features explained below:


Key Features of the Spectrum Analyser:

High Bandwidth Inputs

Display and record power spectra or power spectral densities in the frequency domain within the hardware’s frequency range:

  • Moku:Go – DC to 30 MHz
  • Moku:Lab – DC to 250 MHz
  • Moku:Pro – DC to 300 MHz


Measurement Markers

Quickly track key metrics, such as spectral power, with ease by dragging up to four measurement cursors onto features of interest using the intuitive interface. Real-time and historical data of peaks, frequency, and power trends are all available. They can be snapped onto a peak to track maximum values.


Optimised for Efficiency

The Spectrum Analyser streamlines your workflow with the combination of measurement markers and the effortless exportation of data to Dropbox, iCloud and email. The intuitive and easy-to-use user interface brings a new level of user friendliness.

The evolution of a spectrum can be easily viewed with the 3D waterfall plot, shown below.

Finer Resolution Bandwidth

A hybrid super-heterodyne FFT approach ensures maximum resolution bandwidth, even at higher frequencies, while maintaining the measurement speed.


API Support

Python, MATLAB, and LabVIEW integrations are available for advanced programming support.



  • Frequency domain analysis
  • System response characterization
  • RF system design
  • Spurious signal identification
  • Noise measurement

The Spectrum Analyser runs on Moku:Go, Moku:Lab and Moku:Pro. You can compare the platform specifications below:

Spectrum Analyser
Spectrum Analyser
Spectrum Analyser
Channel Count
2 inputs / 2 outputs 2 inputs / 2 outputs 4 inputs / 4 outputs
Frequency Range
DC to 30 MHz DC to 250 MHz DC to 300 MHz
Frequency span
100 Hz to 30 MHz 100 Hz to 250 MHz 100 Hz to 300 MHz
Minimum RBW
1 Hz 1 Hz 1.5 Hz
Video Filter Bandwidth
10 Hz to 2.4 MHz 10 Hz to 2.4 MHz 2.3 Hz to 4.6 MHz
Deployable in Multi-instrument Mode?
Yes N/A Yes
Software & Utilities
macOS App
Windows App
API support for Python and MATLAB
iPadOS App
Windows App
API support for Python, MATLAB, and LabVIEW
iPadOS App
API support for Python and MATLAB
Spectrum Analyser Datasheet - Moku:Go
Spectrum Analyser Datasheet - Moku:Lab
Spectrum Analyser Datasheet - Moku:Pro
Spectrum Analyser User Manual - Moku:Go
Spectrum Analyser User Manual - Moku:Lab
Spectrum Analyser User Manual - Moku:Pro

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