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High-resolution high-rate laser spectrum analyser

ZOOM Spectra

Resolution Spectra

ZOOM Spectra is a High-Resolution High-Rate Laser Spectrum Analyser. It gives access to high spectral resolution on a simultaneous bandwidth of a few nanometers. ZOOM Spectra is both a multi-wavelength meter (picometer accuracy) and a spectrum analyser. It is the ideal tool for the characterisation of your CW and pulsed lasers.

Key features

  • 3 GHz high spectral resolution
  • Excellent absolute accuracy: 600 MHz
  • Simultaneous bandwidth of a few nm
  • High measurement rate capability: 30 kHz
  • Compact size
  • Robust life-long factory calibration
  • User-friendly SpectraResolver software
  • Trigger



  • Continuous and pulsed/triggered lasers (ns/ps lasers)
  • Absolute wavelength and spectrum measurement
  • Multifrequency lasers
  • Mode-hop characterisation
  • Laser modulation


Multimode high-frequency pulsed laser measurement with ZOOM Spectra


ZOOM Spectra – External Cavity Laser Wavelength Scan


ZOOM Spectra – VCSEL Current Scan


ZOOM Spectra – Spectral Unstability of a VCSEL


ZOOM Spectra – VECSEL – Current Scan

ZOOM Spectra – Tunable Laser Diode – Absolute Accuracy Measurement

Wavelength range 630 – 1100 nm
Optical Spectral Resolution [1] 8 GHz max
6 GHz typical
3 GHz min
Absolute accuracy [2] 1 – 2 pm / 600 MHz
Maximum linewidth of a mode [3] 100 GHz
Best dynamic range 1:200
Wavelength bandwidth one measurement 5 nm (@ 630 nm)
14 nm (@ 1100 nm)
Maximum measurement rate 30,000 frame/s
Integration time 320 ns to 500 ms (32 ns step)
Input power range [4] 10 nW – 1 mW
Optical input FC/APC PM singlemode fiber N.A. 0.12
Power consumption 11 W – 450 mA @ 24 VDC
Communication Gigabit Ethernet
Dimensions 12.6 x 8.3 x 9.1 cm
Functionalities with SpectraResolver Software
Compatibility Windows 7, 8 & 10
Recording Continuous, multiframe or triggered
Dark measurement Manual and wizard modes
Multi-wavelength meter function Automatic peak(s) detection
Standard graphical utilities Zoom, markers and peak(s) detection over time
Unit change nm / cm-1 / THz
Trigger option TriggerBox and adjustable trigger delay
Software development kit C/C++, DotNet, VIs libraries
[1] Full Width Half Maximum (FWHM) of singlemode unresolved laser
[2] T° calibrated on 10-40°C , no recalibration needed
[3] For single and multimode lasers
[4] Coupled in PM singlemode fibre
Spectra Series Datasheet
ZOOM Spectra Datasheet

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ZOOM Spectra

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