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Stepper motors with built-in controllers

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  • NEMA 17 and 23 stepper motors with built-in controllers
  • Up to 3000 rpm speed and 1.8 N⋅m torque
  • Daisy-chains data and power with X-series products
  • Home sensor and magnet included, optional away sensor
  • Custom versions available


1. An indexed knob provides convenient manual control.
2. Integrated stepper motor controller and motor driver allows for easy-to-use control.
3. The stepper motor is matched to the built-in controller; no need to adjust parameters.
4. 200 step per revolution stepper motor, microstepped up to 256X to provide smooth and precise motion, with speed from 0.017°/s to 3000 rpm.
5. Control all units in the daisy-chain via serial port (with a locking X-SDC cable) or USB (with an X-USBDC cable).
6. Daisy-chain additional units with a locking X-DC02 cable or X-DC06 cable. Power can also be shared in the chain.
7. Standard NEMA 17 or 23 mounting interface, easily adapted to your application.
8. Magnetic home sensor can be mounted in a standard 4 mm T-slot or to any other surface with a screw to enable precision detection of home position.
9. Optional second magnetic sensor (HS01L149) enables precision detection of away position.

These NEMA size 17 and 23 stepper motors have built-in controllers. A detachable home sensor HS01 and magnet are included. An additional HS01L149 Hall effect sensor can be purchased to function as an away sensor. These motors are standalone units requiring only a standard 24 V or 48 V power supply.

An indexed knob provides convenient manual control for versatile operation even without a computer. The motors connect to the USB 2.0 or RS-232 port of any computer and can be daisy-chained with any other Zaber products. Convenient locking, 4-pin, M8 connectors on the unit allow for secure connection between units. The chain also shares power, so multiple X-Series products can use a single power supply.




Accuracy (unidirectional)

0.25 °

Built-in Controller


CE Compliant


Communication Interface


Data Cable Connection

Locking 4-pin M8

Default Resolution

1/64 of a step

Encoder Type


LED Indicators


Maximum Speed

18000 deg/s

Microstep Size (Default Resolution)


Minimum Speed

0.017172 deg/s

Motor Steps Per Rev


Operating Temperature

0 – 50 °C

Power Plug

2-pin Screw Terminal

Power Supply

24-48 VDC

RoHS Compliant


Speed Resolution

0.017172 deg/s

Vacuum Compatible



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