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High vacuum light load rotary stages

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  • Vacuum compatible to 10-6 Torr
  • 21 mm total height
  • 0.02° repeatability
  • 4 mm aperture
  • Worm gear driven for continuous rotation
  • Only 7 feedthrough wires required to control these units
  • Designed for use with a X-MCB1 Series stepper motor controller or any 2-phase stepper motor controller


1. Only 7 feedthrough wires required to control this units.
2. 200 step per revolution stepper motor, microstepped up to 256x to provide smooth and precise motion.
3. High vacuum compatible stepper motors rated to 10-6 Torr.
4. The interlocking alignment system makes it easy to set up a gimbal system.
5. M2 (20 mm pattern) and M3 (32 mm pattern) mounting holes provided.

Zaber Technologies’ RSM-V2 Series, high-vacuum compatible rotation stages are our most compact stepper and worm gear driven devices.


Zaber Technologies ASCII Protocol Manual (Wiki)
Zaber Technologies Binary Protocol Manual (Wiki)

Weight 0.3 kg
Built-in Controller


CE Compliant


RoHS Compliant


Default Resolution

1/64 of a step

Encoder Type


Limit or Home Sensing

Magnetic home sensor

Manual Control


Mechanical Drive System

Precision Worm Gear

Motor Frame Size


Motor Steps Per Rev


Motor type

Stepper (2 phase)

Operating Temperature

0 – 50 °C

Positional Repeatability

0.02 °

Vacuum Compatible

High vacuum (10-6 Torr)

Motor Connection

Teflon flying leads with D-sub15 connector

Maximum Cantilever Load

30 N·cm


    RSM40B-V2T4-MC03 is a kit, comprised of:

    Product CodeQtyDescriptionWeight
    RSM40B-V2T41High vacuum, motorized rotary stage, 40 mm stage top, medium resolution0.300 kg
    MC031Motor extension cable, 5 ft, for use with A- and X-Series controllers0.173 kg
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    RSM-V2 Series

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