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Compact Diode Lasers for OEM Integration

CPDL-S-F/FA Series

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Compact Diode Lasers for OEM Integration



  • Compact design for integration
  • Wavelengths: 1030, 1064, 1530, 1550 nm (others upon request)
  • Pulse width < 100 ps
  • Any rep rate 1 kHz up to 100 MHz
  • Average power up to 50 mW (including fibre amplifier)
  • Flexible interface USB or RS 232



Laser modules from the CPDL-M/S Series can be used for various applications including:

  • Laser Seeding
  • Metrology
  • LIDAR/Ranging/SLR
  • Time-resolved measurements and fluorescence lifetime


PicoQuant’s CPDL-S-F and CPDL-S-FA Series encompasses a range of laser head for integration, which are based on our well established picosecond pulsed diode laser technologies with optional fiber amplification. The CPDL-S-F and CPDL-S-FA heads do not require a laser driver from the PDL Series for operation. Instead, all parameter can be controlled from a PC via USB or a serial (RS 232) connection.

A common platform for seed diodes and first-stage fibre amplification
The CPDL-S-F and CPDL-S-FA heads are based on the same platform, using primarily narrow-linewidth near infrared laser diodes (typically emitting at 1030, 1064 or 1530 to 1550 nm). These diodes are commonly referred to as „seed” lasers and can be mounted either alone (CPDL-S-F) or together with a one stage fiber amplifier in order to increase the optical output power (CPDL-S-FA). The optical output is delivered via an FC/APC receptacle.

Pulse widths down to 20 ps
In general, laser heads form the CPDL-S-F and CPDL-S-FA Series generate pulses with a temporal width of ca. 100 ps (FWHM). However, some models can achieve pulse widths down to 20 ps. The temporal pulse width depends on both the laser diode type and on the intensity level at which the laser head is operated.

Repetition rate
The laser heads from the CPDL-S-F and CPDL-S-FA Series can be triggered either internally at any repetition rate between 1 kHz and 100 MHz or externally at any repetition rate from single shot up to 100 MHz.

Optical output power
Setting the optical output power can be easily done via a computer interface. Maximum average output power (at the highest repetition rate of 100 MHz) can typically range from a few mW for non-amplified models (CPDL-S-F) to between15 and 60 mW for fiber amplified models (CPDL-S-FA).

Beam output
Laser heads from the CPDL-S-F and CPDL-S-FA Series are delivered with an FC/APC output receptacle by default. Other types of beam outputs, such as free beam, can be provided upon request.

Optical output
Fibre receptacle FC/APC, single mode OM fibre with built-in optical isolator
Max. reverse launched power < 50 mW


Power input voltage 12 V (max. 18 V)
Current Max. 1.7 A
External power supply 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, max. 100 W
Connector type LEMO (e.g., G0B302HLN-A)
Dimensions 210 × 118 × 47.4 mm (width × depth × height)
Net weight (laser head) 0.8 kg
Total weight (incl. power supply etc.) 1.6 kg
Power dissipation Max. 20 W
Operating temperature 15 to 35 °C


Trigger input
Amplitude Max. +5 V
External frequency 1 Hz to 100 MHz
Trigger threshold ca. +0.4 V
Impedance 50 Ohm
Connector type SMA (female)


Internal trigger
Internal PPL frequency range 1 kHz to 100 MHz


Synchronisation output
Amplitude +1 V into 50 Ohm
Source impedance 50 Ohm
Impedance 50 Ohm
Connector type SMA (female)


Status output
Amplitude +5 V for laser ON; 0 V for laser OFF
Impedance Min. 10 kOhm
Connector type SMA (female)


USB 2.0 UART (virtual COM port)
Connector type/td> Mini-USB 2, type B
Baud rate 11 5200
Data 8 bits
Parity None
Stop 1 bit


RS232 (option) [1]
Connector type/td> Sub-D9 (female)
Baud rate 11 5200
Data 8 bits
Parity None
Stop 1 bit
[1] If the RS232 option is chosen then the USB Port is no longer available.



The table below is a non exhaustive list of possible wavelengths based on data from recently manufactured laser heads. Custom tailored solutions can be realised on request. Further wavelength and other other specifications such as shorter pulse widths or higher powers might be available on request. Feel free to to contact us with your requirements.

(± 3) [nm]
(FWHM) [ps]
Max. Repetition Rate
Average Power
808 -F-808 < 160 70 3.0
1030 -FA-1030 < 90 100 30.0
1064 -F-1064 < 90 100 1.6
-FA-1064 < 90 100 30.0
1560 -FA-1560 < 90 100 50.0
CPDL-S-F/FA Series Datasheet

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CPDL-S-F/FA Series

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