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Compact high-power femtosecond laser for two-photon microscopy

Spark Lasers’ ALCOR compact high-power femtosecond laser is specifically designed for two-photon excitation. It offers clean femtosecond pulses with the highest guaranteed peak power on the market, in an unprecedented compact format and with fixed wavelengths at 780, 920, 1040 and 1064 nm.

The compact laser head of ALCOR incorporates the widest range of computer controlled GDD precompensation on the market and, optionally, a fully aligned and turn-key AOM for fast power modulation and power adjustment. ALCOR can also be coupled to an optical fibre to deliver femtosecond pulses as close as possible to samples. ALCOR offers air cooling and ease of integration with the possibility to install the laser head in any orientation. ALCOR’s innovative fibre-based design offers high stability, and high reliability without any maintenance, making it the perfect industrial laser for scientific applications.


Key Features
  • Compact
  • High power
  • Integrated GDD precompensation
  • Integrated power modulation


  • Reduced footprint
  • Various mounting orientations
  • Air-cooled


ALCOR 920 offers unmatched laser parameters to achieve ultimate imaging performances thanks to HPC® Technology (High Pulse Contrast). HPC® increases average power while cleaning pulses.


Low brightness image from lasers with long pulse duration, low pulse quality, or low average power

Low Brightness​

Lasers with long pulse duration, low pulse quality or low average power

High brightness image with Spark Lasers' HPC® Technology (High Pulse Contrast)

High Brightness​

Spark Lasers’​ HPC® (High Pulse Contrast)​ Technology

Choose the highest brightness compact high-power femtosecond laser on the market

ALCOR has the ideal combination of high-power and short pulses.

  • Increased peak power for maximum two-photon fluorescence
  • Short pulses (< 100 fs)
  • Clean pulses with virtually no power outside the main pulse, enabled by HPC® technology (High Pulse Contrast)


Optimise your brightness with the ability to optimise peak power
  • ALCOR ensures optimal brightness on the sample even in very complex systems.
  • Widest computer controlled GDD precompensation on the market down to -60,000 fs²


Control your brightness with the ability to change or modulate peak power at high speed
  • Adjust power precisely – Modulate power with > 1 MHz bandwidth
  • Gate power with < 200 ns rise/fall time
  • Most compact turnkey versatile femtosecond laser with no maintenance


ALCOR 780 ALCOR 920-1 ALCOR 920-2 ALCOR 920-4 ALCOR 1040-2
OR ALCOR 1064-2
ALCOR 1040-5
OR ALCOR 1064-5
Wavelength 780 nm 920nm 1040 or 1064 nm
Average Power 0.8 W 1.5 W 2.5 W 4 W 2 W 5 W
Pulse Duration <150 fs <100 fs <130 fs <100 fs <120 fs
Group Delay Dispersion Computer controlled from 0 to -60,000 fs²
Repetition Rate 80 +/- 2 MHz
M2 <1.2 <1.3 <1.2
XSight Option (Integrated AOM for fine power control and fast power modulation)
Transmission > 85%
ON/OFF Response Time < 1 µs (rise or fall time < 200 ns)
Analogue Modulation Bandwidth > 1 MHz (input: 0-5 Volts, 1 kOhm)
Power Control Computer controlled from 0 to 100%, alignment mode
FLeX Option (Fibre delivery)
Fibre Length 2 metres
Transmission > 60%
Pulse Duration <150 fs <100 fs <130 fs <100 fs <120 fs
Other Options
DUAL N/A 2 independently controlled laser heads operating at 920 and 1064 or 1040 nm
GDD Extension Computer controlled from 0 to -90,000 fs²
Wavelength Other wavelengths on request
Repetition Rate Any fixed frequency from 30 MHz to 80 MHz from 40 MHz to 80 MHz
Frequency Conversion N/A 460 nm 520 nm or 532 nm
ALCOR Datasheet

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