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Random Pattern Projector

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The RPP random pattern projector is a structured lighting laser depth sensing projector, in a self contained laser module, for 3D machine vision applications.



  • Up to 57,446 dots – the highest on the market
  • Industrial design
  • Standard or eye safe version
  • Etched in glass diffractive optic
  • Externally focusable
  • Up to 2 year warranty



  • 3D stereo vision
  • Gesture recognition
  • Volume measurement
  • Bin picking
  • Depth sensing
  • Palletising


The RPP creates a divergent and random NxM pattern with the ratio of bright and dark spots approximately 15%. Each defined bright point is surrounded by at least 8 dark points, which means that no overlap can occur when measuring objects. The bright pixels distribution is pseudo-random and the pattern is symmetric with respect to the centre. Multiple laser projectors can be tiled to obtain a larger area while maintaining the same random pattern.

Laser 2000 offers two versions of Osela’s RPP pattern projector, the Standard (RPP) and Eye Safe (RPPES). The standard version provides you with the highest overall efficiency but with an intense central dot of < 5% thereby having a IEC60825-1 safety rating of 3B. The RPPES has slightly less overall efficiency but with the added advantage of being IEC 60825-1 Class 1 eye safe.

The focusing of the laser is very important as it is directly proportional to the resolution one can attain for machine vision applications. It is important to note the relationship between focus and depth of focus, the tighter the beam size at focus that can be attained, the smaller the depth of focus. Depth of focus is defined as the distance where the beam size remains within 1.4 times its minimum. Many different focusing options are available for the RPP, giving you the flexibility to choose the one that best suits your application. The laser is focusable by the user without removing the RPP optic.

Model Standard Eye Safe
Total power in the “0” order <5% <0.5%
Pattern uniformity (except “0” order) <35%
Bore sight <3 mrad
Wavelength Drift approx 0.25 nm/°C
Pointing Stability <6 μrad/°C
Rise/Fall Time <5 µsec
Depth 100 %
Input Impedance >10 Kohm
Intensity Modulation Linear (≈0.5-4 VDC), Option: TTL
Electrical / Environmental
Protections (Built in) ESD, over voltage (up to 25 VDC), Over-temp shutoff (>45 °C)
Warm up time < 2 minute
Long term Power stability (8 hours) <+/- 3 %
Operating Voltage 5 ± 0.5 V (4.5 to 30 V with 24 V option)
Operating Current <250 mA, depending on diode
Working Temp Range -10 to +48 °C
Weight <0.25 kg
Power Supply Cable Belden PN: 9533, 18 inches with flying leads
Warranty Up to 2 year
RPP Datasheet

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