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Fireline High Power Laser System


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Fireline high power laser system – TEC high power direct semiconductor pattern generator provides high reliability with superior beam shaping for high signal to noise industrial applications.


  • High Power, up to 12 Watt
  • Superior beam shaping
  • Externally focusable
  • High Pointing and focus stability
  • Integrated monitoring and modulation features



  • 3D machine vision
  • Outdoor industrial inspection
  • Rail and road inspection
Wavelength Range

670 – 808 nm

Power Range

1500 – 15000 mW

Available Fan Angle

15-75 degrees

Bore Sight

< 3 mrad

ESD Protection

Level 4

Modulation Rise/Fall Time

< 5µ sec, 100% modulation depth (10 Kohm input impedance)

Operating Voltage


Package Type

Compact OEM

Pointing Stability

< 6 µrad/°C

Power Stability

< 3 % over 8 hours, 2 minute warm up time

Power Supply Cable

18 inches 3 conductors Alpha wire 5610B2001, with flying leads

Protections (Built in)

ESD, Over voltage (up to 30 VDC), Over-temp Shutoff (> 50 deg C)

Temporal Mode

CW Modulated

Wavelength Drift

≈ 0.1 nm over entire operating temperature


< 1.8 kg

Working Temp

-10 to 50 °C (housing)


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