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Ultra-narrow Linewidth Lasers

Swept Source Functionality: The CT3 and CT3+ lasers have a unique combination of tunability (100 nm range) and ultra-narrow linewidth.

Intrinsic Linewidth: CT3 ≤ 10 kHz, CF3 ≤ 10 kHz, CT3+ ≤ 5 kHz

Ultra-narrow Linewidth Lasers

Chilas design and fabricate external cavity semiconductor lasers using its leading hybrid integration technology. They make ultra-narrow linewidth lasers which offer a very competitive price compared to lasers with similar specifications.

The CT3 and CT3+ lasers have a wide tuning range without jumps and have an ultra-narrow linewidth, a unique combination. This allows them to have swept source functionality which is perfect for a wide range of applications.

Possible Applications:

The operating wavelengths of the lasers and their possible applications are listed below. Please get in touch with one of our experts if you require a custom laser.

The tuneable CT3 and CT3+ lasers. Operating wavelength: 1550 nm, tuneable from 1490 nm – 1580 nm (CT3) or – 1590 nm (CT3+).

  • LiDAR
  • Quantum key distribution
  • Optic fibre sensor integrator
  • OCT
  • Telecom instrumentation
  • Atomic clock

The fixed wavelength CF3 laser. Operating wavelength: 1550 nm ± 5 nm.

  • Optic fibre sensor
  • Wind LiDAR

The ultra-narrow linewidth and the wide tunability range make Chilas lasers ideal for communications applications, such as Datacom and satellite communications, or for LiDAR applications in the automotive industry, robots and wind LiDAR.

The very broad tuning range, the swept source functionality and the small footprint of the CT3 lasers all make these lasers unique. They allow you to have more sensors on a single fibre and to perform in the range of applications listed above

Advantages of Chilas’ Lasers:

Low cavity loss and a long optical cavity length mean Chilas’ laser can achieve high output power (>40 mW) and ultra-narrow linewidth (<1 kHz).

The lasers are housed in a compact, 14-pin butterfly package to enable compatibility with any standard 14-pin laser diode mount.

The intuitive software has adjustable sliders to easily tune and calibrate wavelengths and adjust the output power. The software then loads the data into a .csv file for further processing.

Some of the other advantages are listed below:

  • Ultra-narrow linewidth
  • Very wide tuning range
  • Small footprint/size
  • Proven long-term reliability
  • Built-in TEC
  • PM pigtail


Typical Results:

CF3 Laser, Frequency Noise Density as a function of frequency (Intrinsic linewidth 4 kHz): (Please contact one of our experts to help you find the perfect laser for your application)

CT3 Laser, Tuning Range covering C-band (measurement limited by range of OSA):

Measured SMSR > 50 dB:

Typical RIN of the laser, compared to the RIN of the measurement system:

Typical V-I curve of the gain section:


Chilas CT3, Chilas CF3, Chilas CT3+

CT3 & CT3+:
Parameter Specified Values
CT3 CT3+
Operating Wavelength / nm 1550 1550
Wavelength Tuning Range / nm 1490 – 1580 1490 – 1590
Fibre-coupled output power @250 mA / dBm ≥ 10 ≥ 13
Intrinsic linewidth / kHz ≤ 10 ≤ 5
Side-mode suppression ratio / dB ≥ 50 ≥ 50
Polarisation extinction ratio / dB ≥ 20 ≥ 20
Parameter Specified Values
Operating wavelength / nm 1550 ± 5
Fibre-coupled output power @250 mA / dBm ≥ 13
Intrinsic linewidth / kHz ≤ 10
Side-mode suppression ratio / dB ≥ 50
Polarisation extinction ratio / dB ≥ 20
Frequency drift / GHz
Over -5~+75℃ case temperature range
 ≤ ±2.5
Electronic Specifications for each of the lasers:
Peltier element ΔTmax 71 K
Qmax 6.8 W
Imax 1.8 A
Umax 6.3 V
Rt 0.06 K/W
NTC Bvalue 3935 K
Resistance @ 25  ̊C 10 kΩ
Gain Section Imax 250 mA
Ityp 150 mA
External Cavity Heater Vmax 12 V
Number of heaters 3
Voltage for 2.pi phase shift V 11 V
Heater Resistance R ~ 250 Ω
CT3 Product Specifications
CF3 Product Specifications
CT3+ Product Specifications

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Ultra-narrow Linewidth Lasers

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