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Stradus Lite

Vortran Laser Technology Inc

The Stradus® Lite is a compact OEM laser module from Vortran Laser Technology, Inc., for cost sensitive applications requiring high performance from a simplified device.

This high performance module is 1/4 the size of our standard Stradus® Laser Modules with the same performance and quality. CW operation only and an elliptical beam output are available. We use this platform as a base for developing custom, cost effective solutions that provide a high performance solution to complex OEM systems.

These compact OEM laser modules are available in wavelengths including 375 nm, 405 nm, 445 nm, 473 nm, 488 nm, 514 nm, 532 nm, 637 nm, 640 nm, 642 nm, 660 nm, 705 nm, 730 nm, and 785 nm.

Beam Divergence

<1.0 mrad

Beam Type

Elliptical (~2:1 or 3:1)

CDRH Class

Class IIIb

ESD Protection

Class 4


<1.25 (typical)

Output Power

5 – 100 mW

Power Stability

< 0.5% over 24 hours

RMS Noise

<0.2% (10Hz to 10MHz)

Spatial Mode


Wavelength Range

375 – 785 nm (Centre wavelength typ. +/-5 nm)


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Stradus Lite

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