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Mounts for TO-Can laser diodes / LEDs

220 / 230 / Micro Series

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Mounts for TO-Can laser diodes / LEDs

The TO-Can and LED LaserMounts support TO-Can and LED devices with active cooling, and easy configuration and device connections.

The 224 provides a temperature controlled solution for TO-cans, while the Micro 5.6 and Micro 9 mounts are inexpensive device clamps for low cost fixturing of TO-can devices. The 234 is a more powerful version of the 224, and supports high power TO-can devices as well as 2-pin devices.

The 226 is an excellent solution for LED applications where temperature stabilization is needed. Connections are easy with the 2mm banana jacks on the side of the mount, making it easy to connectorize your device. In addition to the STAR hole pattern, the 226 also features a grid of additional holes in a “breadboard” pattern, which be used for mounting custom devices.

DB-9 & DB-15 Interfaces
Each mount makes its laser driver and temperature controller connections through a DB-9 LDD and a DB-15 TEC connector on the back of the mount. This allows for quick connections to any Arroyo Instruments controllers.

Model Device TEC Features
224 TO-Can Yes Free-space TO-cans
224-C-01 Standard cover, 30 mm cage suppor
224-C-02 Opto-mech cover, 30 mm cage and 1″ lens tube
224-C-03 Cover for fibre pigtailed lasers
226 LED Yes STAR LEDs, breadboard hole pattern
234B TO-Can Yes 10W capacity, wide temperature range
234-C-02 Opto-mech cover, 30 mm cage and 1″ lens tube
Micro 5.6 TO-5.6 No Device clamp, pedestal mount
Micro 9.0 TO-9. No Device clamp, pedestal mount

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220 / 230 / Micro Series

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