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High power laser diode mounts – C-mount / HHL / TO-3

240 Series

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The 240 Series LaserMount high power laser diode mounts are designed to provide high performance and long term operation. Supporting C-Mount, HHL, and TO-3 devices, the 240 Series is an excellent way to connect to and thermally manage your device.

All mounts feature solderless connections for quick setup, and an integrated fan for maximum thermal performance.

Each 240 Series mount is a post-mounted fixture, and a pedestal is included with the mount. For custom applications, the pedestal can be removed, and both ¼-20 and M4 threaded holes are provided on the bottom of the mount.

DB-9 & DB-15 Interfaces
Each 240 Series mount makes their laser driver and temperature controller connections through a DB-9 LDD and a DB-15 TEC connector on the back of the mount. This allows for quick connections to any Arroyo Instruments controllers.

Model Device TEC Features
242 C-mount Yes Solder-less quick connections
244 HHL No Socketed connection
246 TO-3 No Socketed connection

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240 Series

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