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Air-cooled TEC mounts for high power temperature control

280 Series

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The 280 Series air-cooled TECMounts are designed to provided high thermal capacities in a compact and functional enclosure, with 30 W and 100 W models available. Precision engineered and ready to go right out of the box, these mounts come with a very flexible array of mounting holes and the temperature sensor built-in. Need to use the device for temperature feedback? No problem, you can easily wire in the device’s sensor and even select between device and internal temperature feedback with a switch on the mount.

High Temperature Option
The 280 Series Mounts are available in an optional high temperature configuration, allowing for operation up to 150 °C, but retaining the temperature range and thermal capacity of the standard mount. Because thermistors do not perform well at high temperatures, the sensor is replaced with a high accuracy Pt 100 RTD sensor. There is additional cost for the high temperature configuration, please contact the factory for a quote.

Customising the Cold Plate
Like many of our other mounts, the cold plate can be customised to fit the exact requirements of your application. We can put mounting holes just where you need them so your device mounts directly to the plate, without the need for adapters or modification.

Model Device TEC Features
284-03 Various Yes 3″ dia., breadboard, M2.5 holes
284-03-150 Various Yes 3″ dia., breadboard, M2.5 holes, +150 °C
284-MKIT Mounting Kit for 284
285-01 Various Yes 4″ breadboard, M3 holes
285-01-150 Various Yes 4″ breadboard, M3 holes, +150 °C
286-01 Various Yes 4.2″ breadboard, M3 holes
286-01-150 Various Yes 4.2″ breadboard, M3 holes, +150 °C

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280 Series

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