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C & L Band ASE sources (1525-1610 nm)

These ASE sources are high bandwidth, high power incoherent light sources. They are designed for optical sensing applications such as testing, optical spectroscopy, and optical coherence tomography. In addition to these C & L Band ASE sources, 1-micron (1000-1750 nm) and C-band ASE sources (1530-1565 nm) are also available. Output powers are high and range from 13-19 dBm (model dependent).

The high power ASE technology provides wide bandwidth whilst delivering high levels of power, spectral, and temperature stability for the most demanding ASE applications. Benchtop models and OEM module configurations are both available in each combination of wavelength and output power.

The benchtop system is a turn-key system complete with RS232 interface, an integrated pump laser, a microprocessor controller, and monitoring electronics. The OEM module delivers all of the same features but requires a pc to access some of the features accessed through the benchtop front panel display.

These C & L Band ASE sources have extremely high amplitude stability.

The beam quality of these sources is also very high. The output is circular Gaussian TEM00 with an M-squared of typically <1.05.

The ASE range of ASE sources give high performance with high reliability. They are ideally suited to the requirements of the laboratory and for inclusion into OEM systems where scheduled service intervals may be long. These ASE sources represent extremely high quality in both performance and reliability.

Wavelength Range

1525 – 1610 nm

Minimum power stability (dB) (1 hr) at fixed °C

± 0.02 dB

Minimum spectral power density

-1 dBm/nm

Optical Bandwidth @ 10 dB point

> 85 nm

Degree of Polarisation

< 5%

Power Consumption

< 6 W


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