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Lower cost laser-based IR chemical imaging microscope

Spero-LT 340

The Spero-LT 340 has been economically configured to get the most out of your research for a lower cost. With all of the same high-performance specifications in speed and resolution as the Spero-QT 340, this is a great solution for tight budgets.

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A lower cost alternative to the Spero-QT 340, for laser-based IR chemical imaging

In a class of their own, the Spero® microscopes are the world’s first and only fully integrated, wide-field spectroscopic microscopy and imaging platforms based on our broadly tunable mid-infrared quantum cascade laser technology.

The Spero-LT 340 is the latest model in the Spero product family. The LT offers the same high-performance speed and resolution specifications as the Spero-QT 340 flagship model but is economically configured to address a wide range of materials and life sciences research applications while fitting within tight budget constraints. Contact us to learn what configuration options are available.

Features & Benefits

  • Real-time, high-throughput spectral imaging enabled by ultra-high brightness QCL technology
  • No stains or molecular tags required
  • Label-free IR spectroscopy displays pure chemistry of sample
  • No cryogenic cooling needed
  • Quick setup means more time for analysis


  • Biomedical imaging of tissues, cells, and fluids
  • Cancer research
  • Pharmaceutical testing of tablets, powders, and liquids
  • Drug discovery: API and excipient optimisation and down-selection
  • Protein secondary structure and aggregation testing
  • Real-time reaction monitoring
  • Materials testing and analysis
  • Forensics
  • Chemical detection and identification
Parameter Wide-field IR (0.3 NA)
Wavelength Range: Standard configuration: 1800 cm-1 to 950 cm-1
Other wavelength range options available between 2300 cm-1 and 800 cm-1 Please enquire.
Image Cube Acquisition Time: < 40 s (450 absorbance images collected at 2 cm-1 spacing)
Camera Array Size: 480 x 480
Image Pixel Size: 4.3 μm (0.3 NA)
Diffraction-Limited Spatial Resolution: < 12 μm @ λ = 5.5 μm
Numerical aperture (NA): 0.3
Spectral Resolution: Variable, down to 2 cm-1
Minimum Detectable Signal: < 1 mAU per scan [4]
Working distance (WD): >25 mm
Field of view (FOV): 2 mm x 2 mm (0.3 NA)


Stage Travel X > 75 mm [3]
Stage Travel Y > 50 mm [3]
Stage Travel Z > 10 mm
Stage Repeatability < 1 µm
[1] Reflection mode not included in standard configuration of Spero-LT.
[2] High-Resolution IR Objective and visible objective not included in standard configuration of Spero-LT.
[3] Customisable up to 100 mm
[4] IR imaging mode
Note: Dry gas purge recommended. Please contact us for installation recommendations.


Imaging Modes Spero-LT 340 Spero-QT 340
IR Reflection Yes
IR Transmission Yes Yes
Visible Yes
Mosaic Stitching Yes Yes
Hypercube Collection Yes Yes
High Resolution IR Objective (0.7 NA) Yes
Wide-field IR Objective (0.3 NA) Yes Yes
Spero-QT / Spero-LT Datasheet
Fourier transform vs quantum cascade laser infrared microscopes for histo-pathology. From lab to hospital. (research paper)
High definition infrared chemical imaging of colorectal tissue using a Spero QCL microscope. (research paper)
Real-time mid-IR chemical imaging of dynamic processes. Proton Dueteron exchange within a micro fluidic system using the Spero QCL. (research paper)

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Spero-LT 340

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