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Liquid Crystal Polarisation Rotator

LPR, FPA, LTN Series

Our Liquid Crystal Polarization Rotator continuously rotates the polarization direction of a monochromatic, linearly polarized input beam.

With three types of rotators based on parallel aligned nematic, twisted nematic and ferroelectric liquid crystals each providing different features in terms of contrast, speed, achromacity.

LPR Series

Our Liquid Crystal Polarization Rotator (LPR) continuously rotates the polarization orientation of a monochromatic, linearly polarized input beam. Our LPR consists of a compensated Liquid Crystal Variable Retarder combined with a zero‐order polymer quarter‐wave retarder. The fast axis of the liquid crystal variable retarder is oriented at 45° to the slow axis of the quarter‐ wave retarder and the linearly polarized input must be parallel to the quarter‐wave retarder slow axis. Polarization rotation is achieved by electrically controlling the retardance of the Liquid Crystal Variable Retarder,
eliminating any mechanical motion.

FPA Series

Meadowlark Optics’ Achromatic Ferroelectric Polarization Rotator features high speed and exceptional polarization purity over broad wavelength ranges. FLC devices offer a significant performance advantage in optical shutter and rotator applications demanding the fastest optical response times available.

Works with FC-010 controller only

LTN Series

Binary liquid crystal optical rotator is a two‐state device used to rapidly switch between two orthogonal sites of linear polarization. One state has output linear polarization parallel to an input linear polarization state. This occurs when voltage is applied to the rotator. The other state has output polarization orthogonal to the input polarization and occurs when no voltage is applied.

LPR Series Rotator Specifications:
Retarder Material Nematic liquid crystal with Birefringent polymer
Substrate Material Optical quality synthetic fused silica
Wavelength 450 – 1800 nm (please specify)
Polarization Rotation 180˚ or more
Polarization Purity 150:1 average
Transmittance > 92% with polarized input
Transmitted Wavefront Distortion (at 632.8 nm) ≤ λ/4
Surface Quality 40 – 20 scratch‐dig
Beam Deviation ≤ 2 arc min
Reflectance (per surface) ≤ 0.5% at normal incidence
Diameter Tolerance ±0.005 in
Temperature Range 0˚C to 50˚C
Recommended Safe Operating Limit t 500 W/cm2 , CW 300 mJ/cm2 , 10 ns, visible

Specifications for the FPA & LTN Series rotators can be found in the datasheets attached in the Downloads section.

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LPR, FPA, LTN Series

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