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Thin Film Polarisers

Thin-film polarisers in plate or cube form, utilising a multilayer dielectric coating which works on interference effects.  A strong polarisation dependency can be designed so for instance s-polarised light is reflected and p-polarised light is transmitted.  The majority of designs are such that the incidence angle is 45°, such that the transmitted and reflected beams.  These optics are ideal for high transmission, low loss and specific laser lines or narrow bands.

Plate polarising beam-splitters (PBS-C)

Plate polarising beam-splitters transmit p-polarisation and reflect s-polariSation as the monochromatic beam entering is at Brewster’s angle.

The losses of input beam of these products are minimized because of no absorption of dielectric coating. Coating characteristic are not influenced marginally by temperature change.

Polarisation beam-splitting cubes (PBS/PBSHP/PBSW)

PBS – Standard cube with two main wavelength ranges 405nm – 670nm and 780nm – 1550nm with reflectance of S polarised light >97%

PBSHP – High Power PBS for narrowband performance based around Nd:YAG and harmonics (1064nm, 532nm and 355nm), with laser damage thresholds of up to 7 J/cm2. Higher damage threshold cubes up to

PBSW – Broadband PBS

Compatible Optic Mounts
PLH-25, -40 / KKD-25PHRO, -40PHRO / MHG12.7PAD + MHG-MP30-NL / MHG-20PAD + MHG-MP30-NL


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Thin Film Polarisers

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