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Reflective Polarisers

A reflective polariser transmits the desired polarisation and reflects the rest.

There are various methods, wire grid, Brewster’s angle or interference effects available as plates, cubes or prisms. Suitable for higher damage thresholds (>50kW), larger acceptance angle (±22.5°)

Wire Grid

BV Series is a polarising beam splitter (PBS) cube with two main types one based on ICE Cube™ technology that is optimized for use over a wide range of acceptance angles while maintaining colour uniformity and image contrast in the visible 400-700nm wavelength ranges, the other based on the VersaLight™ technology which offers broadband (420-2600nm) performance with selectable AR coatings available on the faces of the cube covering either visible (450 to 1100 nm) or IR (1000 to 2000 nm).

The patented VersaLight™ technology which is constructed from a thin layer of aluminium MicroWires® on a glass substrate and sets a new standard for applications requiring high durability, contrast and a wide field of view for visible through infrared wavelengths.

For plate beam-splitters based on VersaLight™, the VLS/VLR series offers the performance quality of dichroic sheet polarizers while extending the operating temperature to 200° C. Large apertures available on a custom basis, up to 200mm rounds.

The DUV series was developed for wavelengths between 245 and 285 nm and the MPM series is optimised for 3-6 microns.

BV - Versalight
BV - IceCube

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Wire Grid Reflective Polarisers

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