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Free-space optical isolator (Faraday isolator) and Faraday rotator

Large Aperture Free Space - LAFS

Our free-space optical isolator (Faraday isolator) and Faraday rotator selection includes a wide range of wavelengths, with typical isolation as high as 40 dB for single stage, and 75 dB for dual stage units. Various models can be purchased with fixed-wavelength, or with user-friendly tunability. We also offer a broadband optical isolator selection for applications such as Ti: sapphire lasers where instantaneous broadband operation is required. Most of our optical isolators are available with a choice of low, medium or high power capability.

Individual Optical Isolator and Faraday Rotator Spec Sheets can be found in the document tab


  • Superior Performance and Reliability
  • High Isolation / Low Insertion Loss
  • Low, Medium and High Power Options
  • High Power Models with Exit Ports for Return Signal Monitoring or Beam Injection
  • User Tunable or Fixed Wavelength
  • Wide Tuning Range
  • Broadband Optical Isolator Models


  • Preservation of Laser Signal Integrity
  • Test & Measurement Equipment
  • Lasers and Amplifiers
  • Metrology or Quality Control
LAFS 390 - 460nm
LAFS 500 - 600nm
LAFS 600 - 700nm
LAFS 700 - 900nm
LAFS 900 - 1000nm
LAFS 1000 - 1200nm
LAFS 1100 - 2300nm

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Large Aperture Free Space - LAFS

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