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Meter Heads for CW Low Power Lasers OPM150 Series

There are 7 products in the OPM150 series, each varying in wavelength range and power. Please find all the variations and their specifications below, or contact us to find out more about our products.

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The OPM150 is a low cost, pocket-sized, versatile power monitor for use in the lab, laser servicing and OEM applications.

Plug-and-play, a single USB cable both powers and controls the OPM150. Each OPM150 head contains its individual calibration data. When connected, the head is automatically recognised and the calibration data uploaded into the system.

The software’s graphical user interface is intuitive to use and easy to read, as it has a large digital display. The software includes a scope function, data logging and is capable of running two units simultaneously, to make a dual channel power monitor. The OPM150 is perfect for daily use in the lab or in the field.


  • Normalised measurements such as transmission, reflection and fluorescence.
  • Difference measurements such as real time suppression of ambient light
  • Sum measurements such as total power
Max CW power: 15mW
Series: OPM150
Wavelength Range: 800 – 1550nm 800 – 1650nm 190 – 950nm 400 – 1650nm

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