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Meter Heads for CW High Power Lasers Water Cooled Series

There are 9 products in the Water Cooled series, each varying in power, aperture diameter and coating. Please find all the variations and their specifications below, and select your required configuration from the dropdown, or contact us to find out more about our products.

Refer to the coating graph in the Options tab below, to choose the correct part code.

Laser 2000 offers 4 different thermopile types for the measurement of CW beams. These are based around different surface coating types; the BBF, HCB, HPB and SHC.

BBF and HCB coated OPM heads are suitable for powers up to 40-60W across a wide wavelength range.

For lower powers, the BBF coating (a black coating derived from astronomical research) is recommended. The power density capability is limited to 200 W/cm², but it has the important advantages of a flat spectral response in the range 0.19 – 25 µm and the bearing of a very high absorption (> 96 %) over the entire range.

A general purpose hard coating (HCB) for more demanding applications is used for mid power lasers. It can be used over a broad spectral band (0.25 – 11 µm) and some sensors (such as the W-200) bear specially shaped surfaces that reach a 97% absorption by dumping the radiation with multiple passes. This coating reaches 2500 W/cm² at full power with 300 W CW operation. At pulsed operations it can withstand up to 300 J with long (>msec) pulses.

For higher powers (up to 3 – 4.5 kW), we offer the HPB coated thermopiles. This coating delivers excellent responsivity, wavelength flatness and a broad wavelength range. It offers high damage threshold and is the preferred coating option for beam powers ranging from 1 KW to 3 KW. The HPB absorbers can withstand 4 kW/cm² for CO2 beams in CW operations.

For the very highest CW power measurement, we offer the SHC coating. This remarkable coating is extremely robust delivering the highest damage resistance and is capable of measuring CW beams of 9 kW power output on the 6 kW head. It is able to withstand 5 kW/cm² at 10.6 µm and works in the range 0.8 – 1.5 µm – 10.6 µm

Readout Units & Calibration

These detector heads can be used directly with a PC, just plug and use up to four heads at once with one, easy to use, software.

Alternatively, these heads can be fitted with the IIS (intelligent identification system EPROM) housed in the DB-15 connector. This interfaces directly with the Plus-USB or PC-Link power meter readout units.

Calibration is offered as standard at 1064nm or 10.6µm at a range of power levels. Addition calibration wavelengths are also available on request. These are 355nm, 532nm, 632nm and 908nm.

Prices include one power or energy calibration certificate at your chosen wavelength. The calibration may be requested as power, energy, or power and energy. Please specify your wavelength and P, E or P+E when ordering.

Aperture Diameters: 30mm 40mm 55mm
Max CW powers: 200W 1500000mW 3000000mW 600000mW 600000omW
Wavelength Ranges: 250 – 11000nm 250 – 1100nm
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Water Cooled Series

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