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Moku Cloud Compile


Develop and deploy custom digital signal processors and integrate them with the inbuilt suite of Moku instruments.

Compatible with Moku:Pro and Moku:Go running in Multi-instrument Mode.

Liquid Instruments

Moku Cloud Compile – Develop and Deploy custom DSP in minutes

  • Design, deploy, and test, all on one device
  • Compatible with industry-standard HDL
  • Greater flexibility in test than ever before

Deploy custom DSP (Digital Signal Processing) directly onto your Moku:Go or Moku:Pro’s FPGA with Moku Cloud Compile.

It is made to be accessible for everyone, from students to experts. You can code in VHDL or Verilog or use specialised user-friendly tools such as HDL Coder in MATLAB and Simulink.


How does Moku Cloud Compile work?
  • Write code using a standard browser or through user-friendly tools
  • Compile it to the cloud
  • Liquid Instruments deploy a bitstream to target one or more of your Moku products

It is available in Multi-instrument Mode allowing you to use your coded solutions with the inbuilt instruments from the Moku suite. There is also a dedicated library of resources to help you get started!


Which hardware platforms are compatible?
  • This technology is available on Moku:Pro and Moku:Go running in Multi-instrument Mode


Example uses of Moku Cloud Compile

Gaussian Noise Generator
  • When testing a system’s response, noise is required to get true data. Using Moku Cloud Compile, a custom noise generator can be coded and implemented into your custom signal processes to ensure your results are accurate


Event Counter
  • A windowed event counter with programmable thresholds has applications in communications optics such as single photon detectors


Boxcar Averager
  • Lock-in Amplifiers and Boxcar Averagers are commonly used to extract weak, repetitive signals that are buried in noise
  • For signals with low duty cycles, a significant amount of signal power is filtered out at the higher harmonics. A Boxcar Averager is designed to gate the input signal in the time domain to improve the signal to noise ratio and creates a matched filter for the repetitive input signal


Moku Cloud Compile Datasheet
Moku Cloud Compile Tutorial

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