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Fibre optic input coupler for CW or pulsed beams

Bristol Instruments

The BC-1 Input Coupler is a convenient way to launch a free-space CW or pulsed laser beam into an optical fibre. It includes focusing and alignment optics, a 1″-diameter mounting disk, and an FC-style fibre optic connector. A well-collimated laser beam enters the aperture in the centre of the mounting disk and is focused into a fibre optic patch cord that is attached to the FC connector. Built-in optics provide two slightly off-axis back reflections to facilitate alignment using a standard two-axis angular optical mount.

Two different versions of the BC-1 Fibre Optic Input Coupler are available. The “F” version is for use with singlemode fibre (nominally 9 µm core diameter) and is typically used with CW lasers. The “D” version is a more convenient way to launch pulsed lasers into fibre because it is adjusted for larger diameter multimode fibre (nominally 60 µm).

Wavelength Range VIS: 375 – 1100 nm
NIR: 520 – 1700 nm
Aperture 2.5 mm
Mounting Disk Diameter 1″ (25.4 mm)
Fibre Optic Connector 1″ (25.4 mm)
Coupling Efficiency [1] , [2] , [3] F-Version
5 – 35% (singlemode fibre)
~ 50% (multimode fibre)
~ 50% (multimode fibre)
Maximum Input Energy [3] F-Version: 5 µJ
D-Version: 200 µJ
[1] With TEM00 collimated beam.
[2] Wavelength dependent.
[3] Characteristic performance, but non-warranted.
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