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Crossed Roller Rotation Stages


We offer the KSPB series for rotation stages with large aperture, for more information and specifications, please find the specifications tab below or contact our product experts.

Low profile rotation stages offer coarse rotation adjustment of 360° and fine adjustment (with either a micrometer head or fine-pitch screw). Directly rotate the stage upper plate for coarse adjustment, then clamp the clutch screw and use micrometer head or fine-pitch screw (±5°) for fine adjustment.

  • Crossed roller bearing for high precision and high stiffness.
  • Vernier scales for reading angular position.
  • Center hole extends completely through stage.
  • Available with micrometers or fine pitch screws.

▶Most stages can be directly mounted to corresponding sized linear stages for multiple axis adjustments.
▶Adapter plates are available for mounting other size stages and accessories.

KSPB Specifications

Part Number METRIC KSPB-906M KSPB-906M-M6

KSPB-906MUU (Inch)

Stage Size [mm] φ90 φ90
Rotation Range [ ° ] Coarse: 360 Fine: ±5 Coarse: 360 Fine: ±5
Scale Readable Resolution 5′ 5′
Micrometer Readable Resolution about 41.25″ about 41.25″
Guide Method Crossed Roller
Primary Material Brass
Finish Super black Chrome
Load Capacity [N] 147 (15.0kgf) 147 (15.0kgf)
Max. Moment Capacity [N・m] 5.0 5.0
Moment Stiffness [″/N・cm] 0.2 0.2
Parallelism [μm] 50 50
Eccentricity [μm] 20 20
Wobble [μm] 20 20
Options FP FP
Weight [kg] 1.3 1.3
KSPB Datasheet

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