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Turn-key femtosecond laser fibre solution for Mini2P microscopy

ALCOR 920-FLeXSight-Mini2P

Mini2P microscopy was developed by the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience. The open-source miniature two-photon microscope is designed for high resolution and fast calcium imaging in freely moving animals. The aim is to allow stable and high-quality imaging to be observed during a wide spectrum of behaviours without impacting on the animal’s natural behaviour. In comparison to a standard benchtop two-photon system, which restricts the animal’s movement, the Mini2P miniscope is extremely compact and weighs less than 3 grams, allowing the animal to move freely and easily. It is important to capture the animal’s natural behaviour as it gives an accurate representation and insight into neural activities.


Benefits of the ALCOR for Mini2P microscopy:

  • As the ALCOR offers remarkable positive GDD (+120,000 fs²), there is no need for a coupling box with glass rods.
  • Turn-key: HC-920 fibre is coupled to the laser and collimator. No other equipment needed
  • No alignment which offers high stability.
  • FC connector offering easy replacement of fibre in case of damage.
  • Fibre end-faces are sealed to prevent from dust contamination.
  • No fans on the laser head which reduces vibrations.


Mini2P Microscopy: ALCOR versus other lasers.


With thanks to the Mini2P Team at Kavli Institute, NTNU.


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ALCOR 920-FLeXSight-Mini2P

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