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Patient Protection Eyewear

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We can provide an array of patient protection eyewear.

The new uvex 9710 face protecting shield is CE certified according to EN 166. It consists of a PET disc with a thickness of 0.3mm and an elastic headband (one size fits all). Anti-fog protection on the inside ensures a clear view and foam padding in the forehead area ensures high wearing comfort.

The visor protects against drops and splashes, reducing the risk of droplet infection. Designed for use by medical personnel or rescue workers during the current health threat. It is recommended that they are used in combination with face protection masks.

Please see the datasheet for a full list of specifications.


We can also provide eye caps, mouth guard and eyeball protectors.

The laser mouth protection A99MCARE.1000 is a single use safety product for laser treatments or IPL (hair removal). It is used to protect the teeth, the jaw and the lips. It is delivered in a set of 10 pieces.


Eyeball eyewear

The eyeball eyewear P07.P1P11.1001 is suitable for all laser wavelengths. It is completely free of metal and therefore it provides a very good and convenient wearing comfort in compliance with very high protection levels against laser radiation with the UV, VIS, NIR and IR-area. Especially for laser treatments in the facial area this eyewear offers a much better access to the forehead/nose as well as to the temporal area. It can be used in both directions with the nose bridge showing up or down. The adjustable strap ensures a secure and pressure free fit.



  • Innovative 2-way design
  • Minimum coverage by nose-bridge and strap
  • Good fit by flexible frame
  • High protection rating
  • Sterilization possible

Eyeball Protectors Specs 

Filter Material: Plastic silicone
Filter Technology: Absorption filter
Frame: P07
Frame Type: Eyeball protection patients eyewear
Properties: Metal free – sterilisable
Protection Range: Infrared, near infrared, ultraviolett, visible
Protection Standard: EN 207 full protection
Face Shield Datasheet

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