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P1H03 laser safety eyewear filter for laser diodes (600–820 nm)

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  • LB protection levels acc. to EN207
  • For laserdiodes (600–820 nm)


The laser safety eyewear filter P1H03 is a blue-green absorbing laser protection filter without additional reflective coating. The protection is based on absorption of the laser light within the bulk material. The laser safety filter has a daylight transmission of 10% and therefore the visual brightness is limited. The laser safety filter laservision P1H03 is CE certified and available in the frames F18, F22, F42 and in the sports version F29It is especially suitable for different laser diodes (600-820nm).


See our guide to frame styles for a description of the different frames available.

Please calculate required protection levels before using laser safety filters and compare with the filter provided.

Protection Class

EN 207 full protection

Filter Colour

Blue Green

Filter Material


Filter Technology

Absorption Filter

Filter Certification


VLT (Approx.)


Visual Brightness


Colour View


Filter Thickness (Approx.)

3 mm

Protection Range



Protection Levels

Wavelength (nm) OD Operating Mode / Tested Protection Level
540 – <578 (OD1+) DIRM LB1
578 – <595 (OD2+) DIRM LB2
595 – <610 (OD3+) DIRM LB3
610 – <630 (OD5+) DIRM LB5
630 – <660 (OD6+) DIRM LB6
660 – 775 (OD7+) D LB6 + IR LB7 + M LB7Y
>775 – 790 (OD6+) DIRM LB6
>790 – 800 (OD5+) DIRM LB5
>800 – 820 (OD4+) DIRM LB4
>820 – 835 (OD3+) DIRM LB3
>835 – 850 (OD2+) DIRM LB2
>850 – 870 (OD1+) DIRM LB1

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