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The LaserPak OEM laser diode driver is an Arroyo power supply that offers the same, solid quality instrumentation our bench top units are known for, in a smaller, cost-effective solution for custom systems.

The LaserPak brings the great performance and protection features found on the LaserSource into a package that is 1/3 the original size. In addition to both USB and RS-232 ports, the LaserPak OEM laser diode driver replaces the standard user interface with an analogue control interface not found on the LaserSource, allowing operation of the supply without the need for a computer.

The LaserPak has all the features you expect in a laser driver, such as safety interlock, ESD protection, and hardware limit circuits for current and voltage

  • 2A, 4A, and 8A models standard, custom configurations available
  • Standard compliance voltages as high as 15V (call for higher voltages)
  • High stability / low noise
  • High accuracy
  • Constant current, constant power and constant voltage operating modes
  • Advanced laser diode protection
  • USB / RS-232 computer interfaces
  • Command set compatibility with Newport and ILX controllers
Model Current Voltage Accuracy Noise BW
485-02-15 2 A 15 V 0.05% + 0.4 mA < 60 µA 65 kHz
485-04-08 4 A 8 V 0.05% + 0.8 mA < 100 µA 50 kHz
485-08-04 8 A 4 V 0.05% + 1.6 mA < 200 µA 45 kHz

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485 Series LaserPak

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