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Multi-channel laser diode driver with up to 4 A per channel

7144 Series Laser MultiSource

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The 7144 Series MultiSource Multi-Channel Laser Diode Driver is designed for applications requiring a large number channels in a cost-effective and compact solution. The MultiSource is an excellent building block for system applications such as device burn-in and characterisation. Built with the performance you would expect from an Arroyo Instruments product, and both Ethernet and USB connectivity, you can quickly and confidently get your system operational.

Model Type Size No. of Channels Amps / Volts
7144-0.5-08 LDD 1U 4 500 mA / 8 V
7144-01-08 LDD 1U 4 1 A / 8 V
7144-02-04 LDD 1U 4 2 A / 4 V
7144-04-04 LDD 1U 4 4 A / 4 V

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7144 Series Laser MultiSource

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