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Why choose nanoplus MIR LEDs

The growing demand for permanent monitoring of specific molecules in environmental, health, and security applications has created a need for inexpensive and power efficient light sources. We used our expertise in DFB technology and semiconductor materials to create cost-effective and highly efficient broadband light sources in the mid-infrared. nanoplus MIR LEDs display higher wall plug efficiencies and maximum output powers than previous MIR LEDs operating in continuous wave at room temperature. With their low power consumption nanoplus mid-infrared LEDs are the perfect light source for mobile gas detectors.

Key features of nanoplus MIR LEDs

  • low power consumption
  • cw operation
  • broadband
  • incoherent

Wavelength Coverage of nanoplus Mid-Infrared LEDs

  • Select your MIR LED at any wavelength between 2800 nm and 6500 nm.
  • Define your wavelength with +/- 100 nm precision.
  • Check the typical specifications by choosing the matching wavelength class below.



nanoplus Standard Mid-Infrared LEDs

  • 2800 nm – 4000 nm
  • 4000 nm – 5300 nm
  • 5300 nm – 6500 nm

nanoplus MIR LEDs rely on the same technology as our very successful interband cascade lasers.The advantage over previous interband cascade LEDs can be attributed to stage grouping at one single antinode of the optical field and the usage of low absorbing substrates. For more insights into our technology please refer to our paper “High efficiency mid-infrared interband cascade LEDs grown on low absorbing substrates emitting >5 mW of output power” in the paper section.

Mid-Infrared LEDs
MIR LEDs 2800 nm - 4000nm
MIR LEDs 4000 nm - 5300nm
MIR LEDs 5300 nm - 6500nm
Ceramic submount

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