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LED PhotoReaction Lighting

Seven different wavelengths are available. Please select your required option below, or get in touch to enquire about other form factors or wavelengths.

PR160L LED PhotoReaction Lighting improves the speed, yield and efficiency of photochemical reactions

With their patented Dense Matrix LED technology, Kessil manufactures LED lamps with high output, precise wavelengths, and strong penetration. Such features help accelerate photocatalytic reactions and aid the discovery of new medicines.


Newly Designed Linear Reflector

  • A linear illumination area with more even light distribution
  • Higher average intensity (up to 30%) than the previous PR160 model
  • Upgrade kit is available if you have the PR160


Finely Tuned Wavelengths

  • Seven precise wavelengths to choose from – 370 nm, 390 nm, 427 nm, 440 nm, 456 nm, 467 nm, 525 nm. Customised solutions are also available (e.g. 400 nm, 640 nm, 660 nm, 740 nm, etc)
  • Study in-depth and optimise photoexcitation/photoredox reactions to save time and cost


Increased Intensity for Higher Efficiency

  • Intense and penetrating light reduces reaction times and cost
  • 4 levels of intensity control allows you to study the functional relationship between intensity and yield


Flexibility & Simplicity

  • Easily configure for different geometries (vials, test tubes, flasks, etc)
  • Add more PR160Ls to scale up your experiment and increase intensity
  • Multiple mounting: PR160 Rig with Fan Kit, lab clamp, Kessil Gooseneck, etc


Upgraded PR160 LED PhotoReaction Lighting Rig with Fan Kit

  • Specifically designed mounting to turn system into photoreactor for typical laboratory photocatalytic reactions
  • Full adjustability and secure mounting provides consistency and accuracy
  • Comes with a powerful fan to blow air efficiently (proven to be more efficient than clamp desktop fan) to keep the reactions at room temperature as much as possible
  • Comes with light-blocking shields for lab safety, which blocks all UV light and most blue light


Designed for Consistency and Reliability

  • Easy to operate
  • Reliable results and repeatable reactions, perfect for commercial setups or flow photochemistry
  • Consistency between every unit
  • Peak wavelength within ±1 nm*
  • Optical output within 3%*

*Standard Deviation


New Products Added!

  • UVA LED 370 nm for different applications such as general photochemistry, photocycloaddition, UV Curing, etc
  • Replace high pressure mercury lamp. Safer, environmentally friendly, longer lifespan
  • Green LED for Photoenzymatic catalysis involving enzymes/proteins


PR Controller

Automating Light for Photoredox Reaction
The PR Controller is a great addition to your Kessil PR160L LED PhotoReaction lamps setup for automated photoreactions. It allows you to create programs with varying light intensity and duration, to pre-set start & end time, and to export the programs to your computer for detailed experiment logs. The controller comes with the daisy-chain cables to connect up to 4 lamps so that they can all run the same program. Finally you don’t have to go into the lab at 2am to turn off the lights! And the saved programs allow you to repeat the exact same light settings for future photoredox reactions for reproducibility.

  • Intuitive Programming to Automate Lighting Equipped with flawless touch control panel and a vivid colour display, the PR Controller is effortless light control at the touch of your fingertips. You can program steps of varying lighting intensity for advanced photoredox catalysis, photopolymerisation, photocatalytic degradation, and more.
  • ON/OFF Experiments Perform ON/OFF experiments to explore the effects of light on photocatalysts. You can also pre-set start and end time of the program to turn the Kessil PR160L LED PhotoReaction lamps off automatically.
  • Saved Programs for Reproducibility Saved programs allow you to repeat the exact same light settings for future photoredox reactions for reproducibility. You can also export the program log to your Windows PC for graphing and reporting on publications.


Wavelength 370 nm 390 nm 427 nm 440 nm 456 nm 467 nm 525 nm
Power Consumption 43 W max 52 W max 45 W max 45 W max 50 W max 44 W max 44 W max
Input Voltage 100-240 VAC
Operating Temperature 0 – 40°C
Beam Angle 56°
Average Intensity 352 mW/cm2 (measured from 10 mm distance)
Dimensions 114 mm x 63 mm (H x D)
PR160L Intensity Maps

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